What a way to celebrate ten years…

My parents, who were in Italy on Easter weekend, invited all the members of our family to an ‘Easter dinner’ at their house on our anniversary.  Sunday, April 15.  What can I say?  I got the girls’ Easter dresses and shoes on clearance since we’re a week late, and their Easter candy was at a steep discount as well.  The four of us left DH and his Dad at our home, making some last-minute touch-ups to ready our ‘old’ house for resale.  We had a wonderful visit with my parents,  brothers, sisters, niece and nephew.  I captured some very touching photos of my brother-in-law, Justin seated with his son Aidan and my little Rosie seated next to them.  My favorite picture is one that I stopped to snap while on the drive back to our house:  All three girls standing side-by-side on a hill covered in  native Texas bluebonnets, all smiling and actually looking at the camera!

So what did I get as a gift for such a significant anniversary (c’mon! 10 years is a lifetime by Beverly Hills standards)?  Let me tell you that I got a new house and I will be getting ‘new’ breasts all in this week!  I already told my husband that he’s set an impossible standard  to try to top this year’s gift on the many anniversaries to come.


I’m spoiled. What’s new?

 My DH has me driving the demo program vehicle that is his privilege after working for the company 6+ years ( lots of cars… you might even say they’ve maxxed out their inventory *wink, wink*).  Any vehicle he wants to take for a limit of one month.  I also have the privilege of driving said vehicle.  Right now, I’m in a Ford tank with all the power and safety I count on, plus a few safety features. Love the vehicle.  HATE the safety features! I’ll explain later on in my tale.

You may not know this if you live under a rock elsewhere in the U.S.,  but Texas doesn’t get a lot of cold weather.  The last week, however, in the DFW area where WE live, there’s been freezing temperatures with precipitation.  Rain, sleet, ice.  Overnight? SNOW! In the hottest state in the union!! My kids were marveling like I’m sure kids did the day Velcro was introduced…

I did what any loving mother would do:  I braved the frosty weather to start and warm up the ‘tank’ for my three girls.  I left it running and dashed back inside to bundle up my tiny Eskimos.  When I was ready to drive them to their respective schools, I found that the stinking SUV had locked me out!  See why I hate the ‘safety features’? Bad news: we only have one set of keys at the house.  The plus: well, it might be a plus if we knew the stupid code for the coded entry on the driver’s door… another safety feature, or a trigger for rage? You decide! I called DH (already at work 45 minutes away), who came to my rescue, but not before telling me that this particular situation is something easily avoided by always being sure to roll a window down.  In the ice and snow: riiiiiight. I bit my tongue, but what I was really thinking was: That is information I could’ve used ten minutes ago, thankyouverymuch! Grrrr.

Wouldn’t be the same if my kids were already inside the SUV – they know how to unlock the doors. They were NOT inside the SUV.  I sent them back into the house and seated them in front of the 60-inch TV, placated them with some Japanese Anime rated Y7 (c’mon, Rosie’s a mature 3 year old), which they spent the entire time pointing out how the lip movements did not match the patterns of speech.  Yes, my girls are observant – they RAWK!!

So when Prince Charming arrived with the keys to freedom, we headed off to school.  I promptly delivered the oldest two to the elementary.  As we walked into the office, the principal greeted us and said, “No tardies for you today, ladies!”  SWEEEEEEET!

I dropped Rosie off and rushed home to share my adventure for today!

Da Bears & Da Kids?

Just a random thought:  Anybody know where I can purchase tranquilizer darts that can be jettisoned from a long tube?  I’m thinking of an Aboriginal Dart Gun.  I dreamed of this overnight.  I can see it now: My husband and I have everything on our bodies crossed, intently watching Da Bears vs. The Colts  when our oldest daughter stomps into the living room, whining, “Mom! Rosie’s trying to take my…”  Thwack.  A tranquilizer dart hits her in the neck before she can even finish the sentence.  Her eyes roll back in her head as her body quietly slumps to the floor.  DH says: “Oh, look.  Did we forget that it was naptime? Damn!”  I kindly place a pillow under Halie’s head and throw a blanket over her and am not disturbed by her sudden lack-of-consciousness.  That’s the point where I wake up.  With a smirk on my face.

Do me a favor, those of you who do not know my daughters: pry your hand from your precious pearls and listen to me carefully.  I do not refer to my girls as ‘Circus Monkeys’ in my blog to insinuate that they are anything less than joyful.  They have that much curiosity and that much energy and yes, that much mischevious spirit.  I allow them to intimidate me…maybe push me to the limits of my sanity.  I love them, and if my house is a zoo, then so be it!

 I know that my dream of using tranquilizers is far from noble in regards to loving parenthood. My own mother and I laugh at stories about our yearly two-day train trips to Chicago in the 80’s, of which I can only vaguely remember the first of, thanks to Benadryl (or as I call it: legal pediatric sedative).  I have to tell you the truth of our plan for watching the Superbowl next weekend.  Our three daughters (8, 6 and 3, respectively) will most likely sit in their pre-ordained spots on the sofa, not because they are so thrilled by watching grown men in tight pants handle a pigskin, but mostly because they know they need to be seated close to the half-time snacks to even hope for a bite or two. 

Most women dread football season.  The females in my house LOVE it.  It is almost guaranteed that DH will make something to feed us all!

It’s all over after Da Bears win the Superbowl next weekend. At least until next August!

Things I’m thankful for:

xmas06web.jpg click for a close-up!

  • My sink laden with dirty dishes reminds me that my family eats at home, the meals that I have slaved over   prepared and cooked  served.
  • The endless flow of dirty laundry being washed and dried, then folded or hung and put away comes because my husband and I wear clean clothing everyday and also because we have three kids who like to ‘try on’ outfits then toss them on the floor   dress up in school clothes and then mudwrestle in the backyard  active daughters.

Today, I am thankful for a husband who suggested that we team up to do the oh-dark-hundred  day-after-Thanksgiving  Black Friday Christmas Shopping, which meant waking before any normal human being dawn in an effort to save hundreds of dollars in an effort to check off every person on our list for presents this year   gifts for our daughters and each other.  We were out at 5AM, shopped and bought at three stores, singlehandedly stimulated the economy, had all our shopping done and were enjoying an IHOP breakfast at 7AM.  We were home before our daughters had even woken and realized that we were gone!  Just kidding.  Grandma and Grandpa generously kept our three daughters overnight (loving thanks to Grandpa and Grandma).  Our girls’ gifts are taken care of, and I got my husband a five-burner, 32 000 BTU, stainless-steel propane grill *insert ‘Tool Time’ grunt here*.  The rest of the presents will probably be in the form of Gift Cards, since I know that I can be certain that the family members are getting exactly the gifts that they want.

I am doubly thankful that my daughters were willing to dress in their new holiday nightgowns (special thanks to Rainie!) and sit on the hearth while I attempted to snap photos worthy of being enclosed with Christmas cards.  Two of the girls L-O-V-E posing for photos, one would rather have bamboo shoots driven under her tiny nails.  I’ll let you guess which one dislikes cameras. You can see a few from the series on my Flickr page, plus I’ve added a few from my husband’s car show win!   



Our oldest daughter, Halie, went to bed on Friday night at the usual time: 8PM.  Two hours later, I left DH (still playing X-Box), and climbed into our bed and drifted off to sleep.  My husband decided to sleep sitting up on our sofa in order to avoid the breathing issues he’s had along with his seasonal allergies recently.  I had a good night’s sleep, but over breakfast this morning,  my husband related an incident that happened about midnight with Halie.

My husband initially heard Halie crying (not unusual for a child in their sleep), but soon our daughter was out of her bed.  She stepped into the hallway, continued crying, and when she got no response, started wailing:  “I had a nightmare. Mommy? Daddy? Anybody?  HELLO?!  I HAD A NIGHTMARE!”  My husband called her over, comforted her and sent her back to bed.

My seven year old seemed to be channelling a scene from Ferris Bueller!  Ben Stein would be proud.

Ever seen a cute fish?

No?  Ever wonder why?  It’s because fish are known to eat their young.  I say this disturbing bit to preface my recent conversation with my husband:

**sitting on the sofa with a sleeping toddler between us**

 Husband studies Rosie for a minute.

DH: She’s so darn cute.

I look at Rosie for a minute.

Me: Aw. You’re right.

DH: But they all look sweet when they’re sleeping.

Me: Yep.  Makes me wish I had a spoon!

DH: Y’know, it makes sense why some species actually eat their young. 

Me: Wha…? 

DH: Like fish.  Have you ever seen a cute fish? It’s because all the cute ones get eaten!

Me: Bwah-hahaha! Good thing we’re not fish!

DH: I made you laugh!This is going in your blog, huh?

Me: You bet.

Pretty, pretty! Shiny, shiny!

I’m not the only person that says that catch phrase.  It comes from Boomerang.

It DOES, however, apply to my early birthday present.  My husband and his father took me out on Sunday afternoon to pick it out.  I got a newer model than my husband has (nyah, nyah!), and it comes with some cool technology that I have never seen before. Seriously.


I have stepped into the 21st century.  I now have a cell phone!  My birthday is not until Thursday, thirty-two years after I first entered the world at 12:48AM.  I’m just grateful to still be alive and have family that loves me.  Woo-hoo!  Now, about the birthday cake…

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