So, it’s been a while since I posted…

…for a good reason: WE HAVE BOUGHT A NEW HOUSE!!  No worries.  It is less than five miles from our current house.  The girls will stay at their wonderful schools with their fabulous teachers. It adds a few minutes to DH’s drive and a few to mine.  This house is large enough that I will now have my own Massage Suite (a bedroom with a full bath attached) to practice in!  Of course, my business cards will sill read ‘Have table, Will travel!’  We close in mid-April, then clean our ‘old’ home and prepare it to be listed after that.  Very exciting.  Will keep my readers (all three of you) updated as the move draws closer.

Just a reminder ( for you and for myself): DH and I will be headed to Austin on March 24 for me to take the Practical Exam for my Massage Therapy License.  The girls will be out of school the previous week on Spring Break: good time for a road trip to visit loved ones in two different states, right?  I promise to come back with photos of our daughters having a grand time at the farm!  It will be a hectic, fun-filled week. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.



This post was previously titled ‘Halfway There’, but of course, that was a week ago.  Never got it posted.

I was busy finishing up the 50 massages I had to complete to graduate.  I began serving as a Massage Intern on December 8 ( for you lay people: ‘Intern’ is a fancy word we use down here in Texas that really means ‘testing our new skills on willing human guinea pigs’).  Today is December 26, and I have completed all fifty.  

Tomorrow, I send in a copy of my transcript and 117 dollars to the Texas Dept. of Health and I will be given an appointment time to go and sit for a written test.  Woo-Hoo!

I am a graduate and soon I’ll possess a professional license!  I wasn’t this excited after being handed my High School diploma. Maybe that says something about my life…

Part 2 of 2 for testing out of Swedish Massage was TODAY.  Several of the Licensed Massage Therapists employed by the Institute had to volunteer to be massaged  by each of the eight ladies in my class, then offer critiques. The Licensed Therapist that was chosen for me to massage?  The founder of our Institute, Mr. Anderson. ( I know, I know.  He’s never SEEN any of the Matrix movies, so he doesn’t get it!) This is the  man who spoke before Texas Legislation (more than 20 years ago) to get clinical massage on the law books.  I therefore call him ‘The Godfather of Massage’.  There were others who stood beside him, sure, but he’s the only one I actually know.  Of all the students massaging for the ‘final exam’, it was ME who was brave  confident enough to volunteer to give Mr. Anderson a massage.  A one hour massage

He gave me some good feedback during the actual massage.  He had a suggestion or two when I was done, and when he filled out the critique form afterwards, he wrote “This woman was cut out for massage.”  How awesome is THAT? Coming from a man who’s been massaging/getting massaged for more than 20 years – I’m very flattered! 

Needless to say, I have aced all of my courses, including Swedish Massage (which was the last class) and I’ll be beginning my internship tomorrow.  For the lay people reading my blog, ‘Internship‘ is a fancy term we use down here in Texas for ‘practical massage’ or ‘practice on willing human guinea pigs’.

Finishing Up

Yesterday I took what I thought was the final exam for the last class in Swedish Massage.  It covered 40 major muscles and included the three major facts about each one: where the muscle originates (anchors to a bone), where it inserts (the most moveable end of a muscle), and what it does (the ‘action’), which totaled 120 answers that I could have missed.  So, guess how many I actually missed? 

 Aww, come on!

  I missed one!  Woo-hoo!  I made a 99!  Then our instructor told us that the written test was merely Part One of Two.  Apparently, we also have to massage various Massage Therapists on the staff at The Institute and get their ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ vote.  That begins today!

Please keep me and my entire class (8 of us) in your prayers.  I will update you as soon as I can!

The Ghost of Thanksgiving Past…

Note from the Editor:  This post is Rated ‘R’ for use of the F-word!

1125_burnt_turkey.jpegAutumn of 1994, I owned a new Saturn with a leaky rear window seal.  How did I know it was leaking, you ask? Dallas, Texas had a long dry spell that fall, so when we finally had a storm, in November, and my back seat was wet,  I surmised that there might be a leak.  So I did what any naive, single girl would do: I took my car back to the dealership where I had purchased the Saturn and reported the problem.  Of course, I finally waited for a day off work so I could drive the car across town and we’d had no rain for a few days, so the seat was dry when I got there.  After four hours in the waiting area, the technician told me that he was unable to recreate the soggy backseat (using the washbay at the dealership).  He basically patted me on the head and sent me away.  Grrrr!

The next time it rained ( a month later), my backseat was wet again.  I did not pass go, did not collect $250 dollars – I drove straight to the dealership. The same day.  This time, the technician told me that my backseat was NOT wet, that he was very busy with legitimate customer complaints, and pointed me to the door.  Say it with me now: NO HE DI-IN’T!

I asked to see the General Manager of the Saturn dealership, who obviously had a chat with the technician before meeting with me.   The GM walked into his office, where I had been waiting, and before he even sat down, he was already asking me what I was trying to ‘squeeze’ them for.  Huh?  I explained to him how I felt about the way I had been treated by the Service Department, and how I was offended by the question he had just asked me.  I asked him to come out to my car with me, and he agreed.  When we got out to the car, he felt the backseat and told me it was not even damp.  Of course, I asked him to put his Dockers-clad ass in that backseat to prove it was indeed not wet.  Not surprisingly, the GM was not willing to do that for me.  Neither was the technician!  The GM and I walked back to his office, sat down, and he asked me again to explain what I wanted. I calmly explained that I was only interested in having my records transferred to a Saturn dealership a little closer to my home and a couple of oil changes thrown in for compensation for all the aggravation with their particular service department.   The GM agreed to send my records over to the other Saturn dealership, but felt that the oil changes were asking too much.  We went over and over the obvious disservice I had endured, but the manager would not budge.  He finished by telling me, “I think we’re done here. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.”  To which I responded, “Fuck you.  I hope your turkey burns.” Then I got up and marched out of his office.  

I did finally get my car window seal repaired – at another dealership.  My family never celebrates Thanksgiving without making me share the story again and I’m certain that this year will be no different.  Even twelve years later, it still brings a smile.

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving.  I hope your turkey does NOT burn!

As if I wasn’t already in enough pain…

The pain in my rear is almost gone. Thank you for your prayers and concerns!  The calm in my life is rather short-lived these days. You see, dear reader, I took a spill after school on Wednesday as I headed out to pick up some lunch from a local Mexican food place.  I was in great mood that day (not unusual right after school), happy and oblivious, and I misjudged the step up to the sidewalk from the parking lot.  Yes, I tripped over the curb! As I fell, I slid across the sidewalk to the grass on the other side, where my face landed. Wait. Let me be totally honest: there was no way to gracefully recover from such a tumble.  I just had to laugh at myself!

Since the weather has been beautiful in Dallas this week, two nurses were dining outdoors and saw the entire incident.  As I lay still, face down, in the grass, I heard one nurse say to the other, “Oh my goodness! Do you think she’s unconscious?”  I heard the other nurse call out, “Ma’am? Are you okay?”  I responded by hopping up and saying, “I’m okay.  It’s just some skin and it will grow back, right?”  I headed into the restaurant, where I was greeted by two local police officers who had been dining inside, near a large window.  The first officer asked me, “Are you going to be alright?” The second officer asked me where I was injured.  I showed him my elbows and told him that the restaurant, like any owner of a potentially dangerous animal, needed a sign to warn customers.  “That sidewalk just jumped up and took a bite out of my arm with no warning!" Both officers laughed and told me that I should expect to be sore the next day.  It wasn’t until I got home later that I saw a bloody spot on my scrubs and found that my left knee was missing some flesh.  I cleaned up my owwies, went to bed, and woke up the next morning – VERY SORE. I went for a delicious burrito on Wednesday and ended up with one , but only after I was served a Grass Sandwich as an appetizer.

On top of all of this drama, I’m studying the systems of our body in the Anatomy and Physiology course that I’m taking.  On Tuesday we learned about the skeletal system. On Wednesday (when I took the spill), we learned about the muscular system (where all the muscles attach to bones and joints). On Thursday, when I was really sore, we covered the nervous system.  So now I know all of the bones, joints, muscles and nerves that might be injured.  From a silly fall to the concrete. 

 Good thing I’m so well insulated!

First Month of School Update

My second-grader, Kindergartner, Preschooler and I began school the second week of August.  Although Preschoolers and Kindergartner are not given grades (just little smiley-faces on their work), my second-grader and I have begun the year with straight A’s!  The director pulled me aside on Thursday and told me “Happy Birthday! Your score is 100 so far.”  Woo-hoo!

I’m in an Anatomy and Physiology class that has a handsome married smart 25 year old guy teaching me and three other students who are under 21.  *SIGH*  I’m glad that I waited to go back to school in my thirties.  I’m the most eager student and I am mature enough to actually see the value in what I’m studying. The A&P study will continue for the next few weeks, then begin a session on Health and Hygiene, and finally on to Swedish Massage.  It feels so good to know what I want to be when I grow up!

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