Systemic Infection

 The first two weeks of Anatomy and Physiology have been spent learning that all living things are made up of cells.  Human Beings? 100 Trillion cells.  There are 200 different kinds of cells in the human body, all doing different things.  Some cells group together to make up tissues, like our skin that protects us from bacteria. Some are white blood cells that attack invading bacteria and fight off infection. 

 Suffice it to say that my first-defense skin cells let me down this week by allowing in a bacteria that has taken over my body. I sat for four hours straight in class on Tuesday, so my butt was sore.  Later that evening, my husband pointed out a red place on my left hip.  Wednesday, I was still sore, but went to class anyway.  My husband was available, so we ate lunch together after class, then went home.  Upon returning home, I was really not feeling well.  DH took a look at me and knew right away.  I tried to make light of the sudden illness:  I thanked him for the wonderful Chinese lunch, which I promptly threw up on the drive to the doctor’s office. When we reached the doctor’s office, my temperature was 101 degrees.  She took a look at my hip and spoke the acronym: MRSA

 MRSA is a bacteria that produces an enzyme to break down the antibiotics before the medicine can be of any real danger to the invading bacteria.  The infection spread so rapidly that by the time I was hurting, it was already in my bloodstream.  The oral dose of antibiotic was not working fast enough, so I had to have a large bolus injected into my hip on Friday morning.  The doctor asked me to return Saturday morning for minor surgery to remove the most concentrated site of infection (on my left hip). 

Please keep me and my family in your prayers this weekend and through the first few days of my healing.

I’ll keep ya’ll updated!

**UPDATE** Saturday @ 5:30PM

Special thanks to all of those who prayed for me and those who commented about MRSA.  It used to be only contracted in hospitals, but after 60+ years of penicillin, the bacteria have gotten smart. Some have even learned how to neutralize antibiotics we take to head off the infection.  Darn those smart bacteria!

I saw the nurse practitioner this morning, who gave me a couple of lidocaine (deadening) shots, then cut the site open with a scalpel to drain it.  The lidocaine did not deaden the area, so it was the most excruciating pain that I’ve experienced. EVER.  Afterwards, a sizable hole remained, which she promptly packed with sterile gauze.  Say it with me, dear readers “OW!”   The nurse assistant then gave me yet another large bolus of antibiotics.  You guessed it – in the other hip this time.  Good thing I’m not afraid of needles.  The nurse practitioner called in some more Vicodin and asked me to see my doctor on Monday to change the packing inside the wound.  *sigh*

We’ll see what Monday brings, eh?


My 100th Post

I got the idea from CMHL about posting a link to my one-hundredth post (whew! what a mouthful when you try to say hundredth out loud!).  Much like she did, I had trouble figuring out which exact post it was, since in the beginning I was a maniacal blogger, posting more than once a day. I’ve posted almost 400 so far.  Next month will be my one-year Blogiversary, but my actual 100th post was from November 2005.  Fittingly, it’s a Meme.  You know how I love those.  Seriously.  This is an open invitation for any of you to TAG ME.


I pooted.

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