Christmas Shopping Continued

Our oldest daughter, Halie will be 8 on December 7, next week.  We have all of our Christmas shopping done for our three daughters (whew!), but we had still not purchased Halie’s birthday gift.  We are grateful and consider it a blessing that she was born on December 7 and not Jan 8, when she was supposed to arrive.  We do not group her birthday together with our Christmas celebration, as we have taught all of our daughters that Christmas is a time to celebrate Jesus’ birthday.  The one time we actually get gifts on someone else’s birthday! That said:

Halie really, really, really wants a Bratz doll.  We’ve told her that we’d like to wait until she’s at least ten years old.  If we intended to buy her a Bratz doll  today, however, this was the store to purchase it at.  There were aisles upon aisles of Bratz dolls and theiraccoutrements.  As we exited the first aisle, I saw 24-inch, plush, poseable dolls.  My husband, walking behind me, with his eyes wide, said, “Those girls are dressed like mini hoochie-mamas! Where is the Bratz Pimp doll with his pimp hat and cane?”  I laughed until I couldn’t breathe… Then decided we’d better buy Halie the magic-makeup Barbie styling head. 

Mission accomplished.  Maybe not politically correct, but side-splitting nonetheless!

So, my readers (both of you): How’s your holiday shopping going?