As requested: our new house!

I have posted photos of the new house on my Flikr page.  Here’s a sample: Our New Home Click on my Flikr link on the left side of my blog to see the rest.  Again, I open the feild to any and all questions!


Orientation Night

You may remember me mentioning that my newly-three-year-old daughter had been accepted into the Public Preschool for Children with Disabilities.  Although Rosie has no physical disability, there is a large delay in her speech and behavior, and consequently, she needs intensive therapy.  School officially begins on August 14, and tonight was the only night for Orientation.  I learned about it, um, YESTERDAY.  Praise God for my mother-in-law, who agreed to keep my older daughters for an hour while Rosie and I went to check out her new school.  I was the first parent there – please don’t have a heart attack from not surprise. Rosie’s teachers were the same women who evaluated her last May.  They were astounded by how much Rosie has matured over the summer, plus how much more she is actually saying.  I have to give at least some credit to her big sisters, who no longer ‘translate’, then give her what they think it is that Rosie wants.  I’ve trained Halie (7) and Catie (5), to tell Rosie the word that they thought they heard her say, and to try to get her to say the word again, as practice.  As a result, Rosie is speaking more slowly and more clearly than she was in May.  Woo-hoo!! I was instructed to leave Rosie with her teachers (yep. there’s four of them) and head down the hall to another room to the orientation.  The parents got the 4-1-1 on the whole schedule for our kids, then we were instructed to fill out some forms for the district.  Since I filled out those papers back in May, I was told that I could go and pick up my daughter.   I walked up to the classroom door and peered through the small window in the top.  I saw Rosie, who has been at home with me since birth, who I expected to grasp at me desperately as I dropped her off, happliy playing with her four year old classmates.  My heart caught in my throat as I backed away from the door and sat down on the hallway floor and let a tear slip down my cheek.  I was certain I had at least two more years, I thought. When I actually went into the classroom to pick my daughter up, she refused to even acknowlege that I was in the room.  Gah!  I let her continue to play (ie: ignore my presence) while I talked to the teachers (did I mention that there are FOUR for 15-20 kids?).  When it was time to get going, I picked Rosie up and headed toward the door.  Of course, my daughter was having NONE of it. As she kicked me, hit me, and screamed bloody murder, one of the teachers said, “Rosie is a happy, satisfied customer!”  Instead of being embarassed by my little girl’s display, I was comforted, knowing that I’m leaving her in the right place to get some help.  Ten days to go!

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Confused stares from total strangers when I’m out with my daughters:


Celine Dion: A New Day

I could fill this post with words simply describing the show at The Colosseum, but they won’t do it justice: Incredible, phenomenal, amazing, inspiring…

The seats were a promise finally fulfilled: While I was still comatose more than three years ago, my sweet husband brought in my CD player, loaded with the gift he had given me on Mother’s Day a week earlier, Celine’s latest album. He was given permission to bring in music to play for me, 24/7, if he liked. My thoughtful husband did exactly that! While I was unconscious for about three weeks, he left my side only while I was seen by the doctors monitoring me and our unborn daughter. He used that short time to dash home, shower and drive back to the hospital. At one point, he added a promise – that if I survived (because the doctors weren’t giving me or our daughter great chances at that point), he would pay whatever it took to get me to Las Vegas and to see Celine Dion.
I guess I do not have to tell any of you that I am living proof of the power of prayer. I tell the miraculous story to anyone who will listen, knowing that I show no signs of suffering a near-fatal accident. My healthy daughter, now nearly three years old, is what I consider to be the sweetest part of the miracle. Proof of God’s mercy and perfect love. So, it was only fitting that when my husband had the opportunity to take me to Las Vegas last year, he jumped on it. Just like my husband’s parents did last week, they cared for all three of our daughters while we were away. It was only after we arrived that my DH learned that ‘A New Day’ was sold out for the rest of 2005. I was not disappointed in the least, especially since I needed some unscheduled time alone with my husband.
Fast-forward to June 2006: My DH (darling husband) found out that Caesar’s had special ‘packages’ that offered two tickets to Celine, plus a stay in the hotel/casino in Las Vegas – for about the same price we had been trying to purchase front-row seats by themselves. My sweet, promise-keeping husband booked the package for us on Sunday July 9, 2006. This was the final night for Celine before a six week ‘vacation’ for the entire crew of dancers and technicians.
Celine was especially emotional that night, speaking directly to individuals who shouted to her from the audience. At the end of the night, she took time to bring each one of her crew members out on stage to highlight the input they have in the show. What grace and compassion – You know as well as I do that those attributes were there before she was famous! She sang a song that I had heard before (Stuart Little 2) called, ‘I’m Alive’. It was like I was hearing it for the very first time. Every song was like that! I have been listening to her music on the radio and on CDs for years, and I can tell you that there is nothing like hearing her in person.
My DH, who is not a huge Celine Dion fan, sat with his mouth open for much of the show. And it IS a show! There was much activity onstage, between the teams of dancers, the graphics on the humongous LCD screens, and the furniture dangling from tiny wires high above the stage. My husband told me afterward that he was merely watching the dancers skittering across the stage in anticipation of an accident. I was thinking: Kinda like I watch Nascar…
So, my husband kept his promise. I have to tell you that every person in the four thousand-seat Colosseum felt like they had the best seat in the house. I know my husband and I did!