Final Doctor Appointment and an apology…

I see my surgeon for the final visit in which my last stitches will be removed (see previous post) and my ‘after’ photos will be taken ( I think).   Can you say, ‘HOORAY’ ?!!  Good for you.  I knew you could! Thankyouverymuch.  Now to get an actual job that will make some much-needed cash since I haven’t worked outside our home in nine years.

I managed to miss out on thanking our Troops on Memorial Day.  Mere words escape me.  “Thank you for defending the U.S.A.” does not seem sufficient to me.  I read a blog page from Memorial Day that another wonderful  mom posted in honor of the holiday.  Please click here to read DaPoppins post.  My apologies to our troops. You are fighting under the direct orders of a President I voted into office for the first term, but no longer feel driven to support.