Muttering again…

  1. Dork :: a lesser Geek ūüôā
  2. Refurbished :: old stuff made new, yet again
  3. Basket :: case
  4. Mousse :: dessert
  5. Studio :: 54
  6. 8 ball :: Magic!
  7. Masking tape :: effective (temporary)toddler muzzle¬† ūüėČ
  8. Love :: not war…
  9. Wilder :: Laura Ingalls
  10. Lindsey :: Lohan – BLECH!¬† she’s everywhere…why is that?

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I just remembered…

..why I do not take all three girls with me to do even the smallest amount of shopping.¬† I mistakenly decided to give them one. more. chance. this evening.¬† At the end of a long school day. They were tired and hungry. I was tired and hungry.¬†Why did I do such a ‘normal’ tasks with three circus monkeys in tow?¬† I am asking myself that very same question, as I¬†sip my second¬†Chimay and listen to the girls, upstairs, fighting off sleep.¬† Now that I have reentered the work force and they are all in school, I have less time with the girls that I once spent every waking moment with.¬† Nine years I stayed at home, answering thier every call.¬† On the one hand, I am glad to have something to call my own.¬† When I am meeting clients for the first time, they do not know me as ‘Halie/Catie/Rosie’s mom’ or ‘DH’s wife’.¬† I am simply ‘Erin’, there to massage their tired, sore or injured muscles.¬† I cherish the opportunity as much as I miss being available to volunterr in thier classrooms and discuss thier school days.¬† After a full day away from each other, my daughters seem to seek out opportunities to drive each other to the brink of meltdown… WHY?¬† Within five minutes of picking them up from¬†After-School Care (thank you Mom) and sharing with them my plan to head to Sprouts to pick up fruit and vegetables and Daddy’s favorite chicken-kabobs to grill for our dinner – they were shrieking in the back seat.¬† Grrrrrr.¬† So before we even got to the store, I was growling between my gritted teeth for them to ‘cool it’.¬† What did you say? Oh.¬† No, growling at the girls was in no way an effective deterrent and no, it did not make me feel better.¬† On a loooooong day like today, my best parenting rapidly takes a back seat to utter frustration.¬† I know that not many of my fellow parents would care to share similar stories, but for goodness’ sake, please tell me how you turn the day around!¬† I do not like being upset with my daughters as I regrettably send them to bed thirty minutes early, just because I fear saying the wrong things to them out of weariness…

Even now, 45 minutes after their bedtime, I can hear them upstairs still bickering, fighting the sleep that I know thier little bodies would welcome if they would just. be. quiet.

Tonight, I will¬†follow the routine I have religiously repeated for the last¬†eight-plus¬†years: When they are finally asleep, I will go to check on each in her respective bedroom.¬† Only then, when I listen to their deep and relaxed breathing, will I step out into the hallway and breathe a heavy sigh of relief.¬† Everyday that the girls and I survive reminds me that I did not have to dial 9-1-1 even once. I don’t know how we managed to make it through in one piece, but I am going to repeat it all tomorrow, for certain!

I say : You think

If figured that while I’m recovering, I would just pre-post my blog entries. I assure you that I am fine. I have my Darling Husband here, grieving the loss of his biggest, bestest friends caring for me and simulatneously moving the rest of our¬†belongings from our old house¬†to our new home. Oh.¬† He is also doing all of the things that I do everyday as a mother and homemaker: cooking, cleaning, laundry, taxi service, grocery shopping, owwie-kissing, etc.¬† Please keep him and our daughters in your thoughts and prayers. Here is one of the pre-posts: Enjoy!

  1. Freeze :: frame
  2. Naturally :: grown
  3. Painting :: football run-throughs (I was a cheerleader once)
  4. Merits :: demerits
  5. Ironic :: don’tcha think
  6. Survival :: of the fittest
  7. Cow :: bull (or bell)
  8. Anchor :: restraint
  9. Sisters :: childhood enemies
  10. 70 :: miles per hour

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What a way to celebrate ten years…

My parents, who were in Italy on Easter weekend, invited all the members of our family to an ‘Easter dinner’ at their house on our anniversary.¬† Sunday, April 15.¬† What can I say?¬† I got the girls’ Easter dresses and shoes on clearance since we’re a week late, and their Easter candy was at a steep discount as well.¬†¬†The four of us¬†left DH and his Dad at our home, making some last-minute touch-ups to ready our ‘old’ house for resale.¬† We had a wonderful visit with my parents, ¬†brothers, sisters, niece and nephew.¬† I captured some very touching photos of my brother-in-law, Justin seated with his son Aidan and my little Rosie seated next to them.¬†¬†My favorite¬†picture is one that I stopped to snap while on the drive back to our house:¬† All three girls standing side-by-side on a hill covered in¬† native Texas bluebonnets, all smiling and actually looking at the camera!

So what did I get as a gift for such a significant anniversary (c’mon!¬†10 years¬†is a lifetime by Beverly Hills standards)?¬† Let me tell you that I got a¬†new house and I will be getting ‘new’ breasts all in this week!¬† I already told my husband that he’s set an impossible standard¬† to try to top this year’s gift on the many anniversaries to come.

D-Day is set…

Maybe I should refer to it as Triple D-Day ¬†‘C-Day’ since that’s the size I’ll be after my reconstructive surgery.¬† I’ve waited until my childbearing years were finished (and they ARE, I assure you) to schedule my surgery.¬† Reduction Mammoplasty.¬† It is scheduled for April 19 @ 1:30PM.¬† Yes, it is only two days after we close on our new home and yes, we are still moving.¬† I’ll be in a Vicodin-induced state and unable to lift anything afterward, so Robert will need some extra help transferring our belongings to our new house.¬† Of course, between closing and surgery day, he and I will be able to move most of our household the 3 miles to the new place.¬†¬†My¬†Prince Charming will have to move the appliances with a rental truck the next weekend.¬† Please pray for my surgeon, Dr. Alan Dulin and his staff, my husband and daughters and for me on the afternoon of April 19 and afterward for a speedy recovery.¬† Hugs to all of you!¬†

1500 plus miles of Road Trip in one week

Some people call it ‘Spring Break’.¬† I’ve come to refer to our¬†semi-annual family road trip¬†not as ‘vacation’, but as ‘work on wheels’.¬† On this specific eight-hour drive to Kansas, however, we had an added distraction for our daughters: an SUV with a DVD player.¬† Granted, DH and I never saw any of the movies, but we thoroughly enjoyed listening to ‘Barnyard’ and ‘Cars’ six times each…¬† More than that, we did not have to listen to a multitude of statements like: ‘This sure is a long drive,’ or the inevitable question while driving with¬†children who can speak full sentences: “How much longer until we’re there?”¬† None of that!¬† DH and I actually had a conversation or two without interruption.¬†¬†¬†

We stopped and stayed overnight with their maternal great-grandmother, ‘GGMa’ in Oklahoma and enjoyed watching DH’s seven year old cousin play basketball with his team at the Y.¬† We all enjoyed a lunch at the local Chinese Buffet, and of course,¬† waddled out¬†the door afterward¬†(I think the cost of a meal should come with a complimentary wheelchair¬†instead of the silly ‘fortune cookie’).¬† ¬† And yes, we actually made it to the farm.

Paternal great-grandparents, ‘Gramps’ and ‘Grams’ still take care of the farm and all of the cattle.¬† I admire how hard they work!¬† Of course, when I am there, I’m on ‘vacation’, so I like to take it easy.¬† After three or four days, I’m feeling like a lazy bum as the two of them run about their daily routines.¬† We love meals on the farm, since Grams knows all of our favorite foods.¬† And desserts.¬†And snacks.¬† There were so many things that we all enjoyed, but the girls had a wonderful time (we ALL did!).¬† I will post pictures very soon, probably to Flikr…¬† The girls got to enjoy a newborn calf (born the night before we left) and got to see him tagged, given vitamin shots, and ‘banded’, so he’ll be a ‘steer’ and not a ‘bull’.¬† The girls enjoyed catching fish with their dad in the various ponds on the property and tossing them back to we can catch them next time we visit.¬† Halie and Catie created a ‘clubhouse’ in the loft of the old hay barn and stayed dry during the rainy weather for a day or so.¬† Both girls learned how to drive Grams’ Honda ATV (the smallest of the three and the only one you still have to shift), so the girls would just go out in the pasture and ride around, stopping to look at the calves born in recent weeks and ‘mooing’ at the new momma heifers.¬†¬† The last day that we were there, we had a weenie roast, complete with marshmallows to toast for dessert.¬†

It was great to be home, even if it was just to do some laundry and prepare for the rest of the adventure…¬† We dropped the girls (yes, all three) off with my mom, ‘Granny’ and ‘Papa Tury’ for the weekend.¬† Why you ask?¬† The rest of our Road Trip¬† was to Austin, so I could complete my Practical Exam to earn my license as a Massage Therapist.¬† I DID IT!¬† I¬† am now completely finished, and we celebrated!¬† I will know in less than two weeks that I officially ‘passed’ and will have a license in my hands in about three.¬† I will be officially: Erin-Go-Braghless, Licensed Massage Therapist.

Already taking reservations…

So, it’s been a while since I posted…

…for a good reason: WE HAVE BOUGHT A NEW HOUSE!!¬† No worries.¬† It is less than five miles from our current house.¬† The girls will stay at their wonderful schools with their fabulous teachers. It adds a few minutes to DH’s drive and a few to mine.¬† This house is large enough that I will now have my own Massage Suite (a bedroom with a full bath attached) to practice in!¬† Of course, my business cards will sill read ‘Have table, Will travel!’¬† We close in mid-April, then clean our ‘old’ home and prepare it to be listed after that.¬† Very exciting.¬† Will keep my readers (all three of you) updated as the move draws closer.

Just a reminder ( for you and for myself): DH and I will be headed to Austin on March 24 for me to take the Practical Exam for my Massage Therapy License.  The girls will be out of school the previous week on Spring Break: good time for a road trip to visit loved ones in two different states, right?  I promise to come back with photos of our daughters having a grand time at the farm!  It will be a hectic, fun-filled week. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

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