Unconcious Mutterings…

  1. Deputy :: Sheriff, Bob Marley
  2. Name :: Title
  3. Arrested :: Development ūüė¶
  4. Trade :: Barter (with massage!)
  5. Old :: Silly¬†Bear…
  6. Fingerprint :: Individuality
  7. Dwarf :: Sleepy, Happy, Dumpy, Gropey, Sleazy, Mashmouth, Jock…
  8. Newspaper :: print
  9. Gabriel :: Peter
  10. Certificate :: License

From Unconscious Mutterings.


So, I’m a leeeeettle bored.

I’m still on limited activity, so I might be a teensy bit bored. Napping at will? YOU BETCHA!¬† I found some time to¬† visit Unconcious Mutterings, and lookee what I found!

  1. Order ::  chaos
  2. Mortician :: post-mortem makeup artist
  3. Determine ::¬†¬†decide/ choose, neither of which I like to do ūüė¶
  4. Ignore ::  talk LOUDER!
  5. Guy ::  doll
  6. Crush ::  orange soda
  7. Garlic ::  Italian ( the only Italian dish without garlic is dessert)
  8. Wacky ::  weed. Enough said.
  9. Parent :: omniscient
  10. Burning ::  bush

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Seven Deadly Sins

I saw this over on Ben’s blog, and decided that my readers might want to see it.¬† Any thoughts?

My 100th Post

I got the idea from CMHL¬†about posting a link to my one-hundredth post (whew! what a mouthful when you try to say hundredth out loud!).¬† Much like she did, I had trouble figuring out which exact post it was, since in the beginning I was a maniacal blogger, posting more than once a day.¬†I’ve posted almost 400 so far. ¬†Next month will be my one-year Blogiversary, but my actual 100th post was from November 2005.¬† Fittingly, it’s a Meme.¬† You know how I love those.¬† Seriously.¬† This is an open invitation for any of you to TAG ME.