Ho hum…still recovering

Okay. Update on my healing: My doc may pride himself on closing up the incisions with entirely internal sutures, but my body needed to have a word with him. After two and a half weeks of watching my new breasts open at the seams, my doctor decided to clean up the wounds and restitch me at the seams. Only on the right side. Six stitches on the inside that will eventually dissolve, and nine standard  sutures on the outside. Believe it or not, at one point during the stitching, I actually requested a hand held mirror to watch my doctor at work. He quickly told me that he’d never had that particular request before. In reality, there were no mirrors in the room. You can bet I rushed home to see the new stitches under all the bandages, though! I will be healed up enough to begin practicing massage therapy on June 1, 2007. Enough said!

Thanks to all my readers who’ve been holding good thoughts for me.  After June 1,  you cqan schedule your one-hour relaxation massage with me!
 Don’t know how old this one is, but thought it still relevant.

  1. Tumor :: NY Giants player Amani (Toomer)
  2. Bunch :: Brady (I know that shows my age)
  3. Gratitude :: Journal (thank you Oprah!)
  4. Feel alive :: young at heart
  5. Connect :: the dots
  6. Temptation :: cannot be resisted – by me anyway…
  7. Brighten:: liven up!
  8. Jewelry :: pearl necklace 😉
  9. Tough :: as nails!
  10. Harmless :: as a mouse

Subliminal Lunanina: Unconscious Mutterings


So, I’m a leeeeettle bored.

I’m still on limited activity, so I might be a teensy bit bored. Napping at will? YOU BETCHA!  I found some time to  visit Unconcious Mutterings, and lookee what I found!

  1. Order ::  chaos
  2. Mortician :: post-mortem makeup artist
  3. Determine ::  decide/ choose, neither of which I like to do 😦
  4. Ignore ::  talk LOUDER!
  5. Guy ::  doll
  6. Crush ::  orange soda
  7. Garlic ::  Italian ( the only Italian dish without garlic is dessert)
  8. Wacky ::  weed. Enough said.
  9. Parent :: omniscient
  10. Burning ::  bush

Please go over to  http://subliminal.lunanina.com

As requested: our new house!

I have posted photos of the new house on my Flikr page.  Here’s a sample: Our New Home Click on my Flikr link on the left side of my blog to see the rest.  Again, I open the feild to any and all questions!