unconscious mutterings

This is a way old post that I prepared for Unconscious Mutterings.  Don’t know why I didn’t post it at the appropriate time, just got distracted.  Just a little psych fun for today…Ooo, look!  Something shiny over there!

  1. Groovy :: bay-bee!
  2. Jealousy :: envy
  3. Watching :: my girlish figure
  4. Kenny :: Loggins – ‘Footloose’!
  5. Games :: darts (learning to play them now)
  6. Bread :: wheat – on my grocery list
  7. City :: limits
  8. Stems :: wine glasses
  9. Birds :: road rage ‘fingers’
  10. Listener :: radio fan

Please visit Unconscious Mutterings to see what is current and create your own list. Thanks!


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