I say : You think

If figured that while I’m recovering, I would just pre-post my blog entries. I assure you that I am fine. I have my Darling Husband here, grieving the loss of his biggest, bestest friends caring for me and simulatneously moving the rest of our belongings from our old house to our new home. Oh.  He is also doing all of the things that I do everyday as a mother and homemaker: cooking, cleaning, laundry, taxi service, grocery shopping, owwie-kissing, etc.  Please keep him and our daughters in your thoughts and prayers. Here is one of the pre-posts: Enjoy!

  1. Freeze :: frame
  2. Naturally :: grown
  3. Painting :: football run-throughs (I was a cheerleader once)
  4. Merits :: demerits
  5. Ironic :: don’tcha think
  6. Survival :: of the fittest
  7. Cow :: bull (or bell)
  8. Anchor :: restraint
  9. Sisters :: childhood enemies
  10. 70 :: miles per hour

You can post one as well.  Just visit  Unconscious Mutterings


1 Comment

  1. ben said,

    April 20, 2007 at 1:12 pm

    Checking in on you… hope everything went well!

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