Okay. I’m still here, but…

I’m still bandaged, uncomfortable, on pain medication occasionally, unable to tell you what my new ‘size’ is for a few more weeks.  I am also thrilled with my new breasts!  For years I have suffered shoulder discomfort and backaches and have been putting off this surgery.  The first question is “Why wait so long?”  I can respond without hesitation: I wanted to be able to nurse my babies which was not guaranteed after such surgery.  Period.  The second question is: “Why now?”  I  find it more difficult to answer that question:  This was the opportunity that I saw: my daughters are all old enough to have a basic understanding of the surgery and are growing in their independence, my husband supported my decision to have the surgery,  my insurance offered to pick up the tab for such an expensive surgery.  My husband and I went to the hospital on April 19 feeling no anxiety.  The surgery was scheduled for 2PM, but was pushed back until after 4PM.  I checked in at noon.  Let’s just say that I had a nice long nap before, during and after the surgery!  My thoughts on the recovery before the surgery:  I’ve had the c-sections, which involve skin, nerves and at least two sets of muscles.  This surgery involved no muscle whatsoever, so it should be easy to bounce back from, right?  My thoughts on recovery after the surgery: damn!  Stubbed my toe again.  Where’s that Demerol?LOL!  Let me tell you that the pain was unlike any other I have experienced.  I have no visible sutures (my surgeon’s specialty), so I must wear a support bra 23 hours of every day.   I  am under doctor’s orders to avoid raising my heart rate, blood pressure or my arms.  Basically, I’m inactive.  Perfect opportunity to blog!!  So, I’m the kind of person who loves to answer any and all questions.  If you have one (or more), please do not hesitate to ask.  I’m here. Ask away!


unconscious mutterings

This is a way old post that I prepared for Unconscious Mutterings.  Don’t know why I didn’t post it at the appropriate time, just got distracted.  Just a little psych fun for today…Ooo, look!  Something shiny over there!

  1. Groovy :: bay-bee!
  2. Jealousy :: envy
  3. Watching :: my girlish figure
  4. Kenny :: Loggins – ‘Footloose’!
  5. Games :: darts (learning to play them now)
  6. Bread :: wheat – on my grocery list
  7. City :: limits
  8. Stems :: wine glasses
  9. Birds :: road rage ‘fingers’
  10. Listener :: radio fan

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I say : You think

If figured that while I’m recovering, I would just pre-post my blog entries. I assure you that I am fine. I have my Darling Husband here, grieving the loss of his biggest, bestest friends caring for me and simulatneously moving the rest of our belongings from our old house to our new home. Oh.  He is also doing all of the things that I do everyday as a mother and homemaker: cooking, cleaning, laundry, taxi service, grocery shopping, owwie-kissing, etc.  Please keep him and our daughters in your thoughts and prayers. Here is one of the pre-posts: Enjoy!

  1. Freeze :: frame
  2. Naturally :: grown
  3. Painting :: football run-throughs (I was a cheerleader once)
  4. Merits :: demerits
  5. Ironic :: don’tcha think
  6. Survival :: of the fittest
  7. Cow :: bull (or bell)
  8. Anchor :: restraint
  9. Sisters :: childhood enemies
  10. 70 :: miles per hour

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What a way to celebrate ten years…

My parents, who were in Italy on Easter weekend, invited all the members of our family to an ‘Easter dinner’ at their house on our anniversary.  Sunday, April 15.  What can I say?  I got the girls’ Easter dresses and shoes on clearance since we’re a week late, and their Easter candy was at a steep discount as well.  The four of us left DH and his Dad at our home, making some last-minute touch-ups to ready our ‘old’ house for resale.  We had a wonderful visit with my parents,  brothers, sisters, niece and nephew.  I captured some very touching photos of my brother-in-law, Justin seated with his son Aidan and my little Rosie seated next to them.  My favorite picture is one that I stopped to snap while on the drive back to our house:  All three girls standing side-by-side on a hill covered in  native Texas bluebonnets, all smiling and actually looking at the camera!

So what did I get as a gift for such a significant anniversary (c’mon! 10 years is a lifetime by Beverly Hills standards)?  Let me tell you that I got a new house and I will be getting ‘new’ breasts all in this week!  I already told my husband that he’s set an impossible standard  to try to top this year’s gift on the many anniversaries to come.

I say…You think…

  1. Freak :: Super
  2. Open :: Minded
  3. Important :: something I lost, of course
  4. Magnetism :: animal
  5. Lap :: 100 M swimming
  6. Anything :: goes
  7. Match :: Light (charcoal)
  8. Father :: Time
  9. Idea :: genius
  10. Mirror :: mirror on the wall, LIE TO ME, PLEASE!!

Courtesy of Unconscious Mutterings

Did I mention that today is our ten year wedding anniversary?  Happy Anniversary, my Prince!

D-Day is set…

Maybe I should refer to it as Triple D-Day  ‘C-Day’ since that’s the size I’ll be after my reconstructive surgery.  I’ve waited until my childbearing years were finished (and they ARE, I assure you) to schedule my surgery.  Reduction Mammoplasty.  It is scheduled for April 19 @ 1:30PM.  Yes, it is only two days after we close on our new home and yes, we are still moving.  I’ll be in a Vicodin-induced state and unable to lift anything afterward, so Robert will need some extra help transferring our belongings to our new house.  Of course, between closing and surgery day, he and I will be able to move most of our household the 3 miles to the new place.  My Prince Charming will have to move the appliances with a rental truck the next weekend.  Please pray for my surgeon, Dr. Alan Dulin and his staff, my husband and daughters and for me on the afternoon of April 19 and afterward for a speedy recovery.  Hugs to all of you!