I’m spoiled. What’s new?

 My DH has me driving the demo program vehicle that is his privilege after working for the company 6+ years ( lots of cars… you might even say they’ve maxxed out their inventory *wink, wink*).  Any vehicle he wants to take for a limit of one month.  I also have the privilege of driving said vehicle.  Right now, I’m in a Ford tank with all the power and safety I count on, plus a few safety features. Love the vehicle.  HATE the safety features! I’ll explain later on in my tale.

You may not know this if you live under a rock elsewhere in the U.S.,  but Texas doesn’t get a lot of cold weather.  The last week, however, in the DFW area where WE live, there’s been freezing temperatures with precipitation.  Rain, sleet, ice.  Overnight? SNOW! In the hottest state in the union!! My kids were marveling like I’m sure kids did the day Velcro was introduced…

I did what any loving mother would do:  I braved the frosty weather to start and warm up the ‘tank’ for my three girls.  I left it running and dashed back inside to bundle up my tiny Eskimos.  When I was ready to drive them to their respective schools, I found that the stinking SUV had locked me out!  See why I hate the ‘safety features’? Bad news: we only have one set of keys at the house.  The plus: well, it might be a plus if we knew the stupid code for the coded entry on the driver’s door… another safety feature, or a trigger for rage? You decide! I called DH (already at work 45 minutes away), who came to my rescue, but not before telling me that this particular situation is something easily avoided by always being sure to roll a window down.  In the ice and snow: riiiiiight. I bit my tongue, but what I was really thinking was: That is information I could’ve used ten minutes ago, thankyouverymuch! Grrrr.

Wouldn’t be the same if my kids were already inside the SUV – they know how to unlock the doors. They were NOT inside the SUV.  I sent them back into the house and seated them in front of the 60-inch TV, placated them with some Japanese Anime rated Y7 (c’mon, Rosie’s a mature 3 year old), which they spent the entire time pointing out how the lip movements did not match the patterns of speech.  Yes, my girls are observant – they RAWK!!

So when Prince Charming arrived with the keys to freedom, we headed off to school.  I promptly delivered the oldest two to the elementary.  As we walked into the office, the principal greeted us and said, “No tardies for you today, ladies!”  SWEEEEEEET!

I dropped Rosie off and rushed home to share my adventure for today!



  1. Karen said,

    February 2, 2007 at 11:16 am

    I am so sorry that happened to you. I’m so paranoid about that happening to me. At least you had a happy ending in that there were no tardies, but that’s what I would expect in weather like that.

  2. JayMonster said,

    February 5, 2007 at 3:13 pm

    Why doesn’t it come with a remote starter? That would have saved you loads of trouble 😉

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