My talented daughters:


I love you truly, my sweet daughters, and I will forever be your number one fan!  I will scream until my voice is gone at one of your pep rallies (when you are the high school varsity cheerleading captain), or stomp my feet excitedly in the bleachers at your soccer game (you’ll be wearing a cute purple uniform with white letters bearing your name and number).  I’ll even convince your dad to walk you down the aisle (provided the groom is a young man that WE approve of).  I will support you in whatever career you choose for yourself (provided that you are 18 or older and no longer living under my roof).  I will never, however, stand for endless hours – days – waiting in line to get you registered to audition for American Idol, just so you can make a complete idiot of yourself in front of millions of viewers on national television.  I may now tell you kindly that you are talented, even entertaining when you sing, but as you get older, those compliments will be few and far between in regards to your singing talent.  Sure, it’s cute now, but in ten years, it may not be.  I’m just letting you know, now,  girls.  I love you too much to let you embarrass yourself and our family on a national level.


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  1. January 22, 2007 at 8:03 pm

    […] Circus {January 22, 2007}   Traitors! I gave birth to you!  I am your number one fan. Yet, you betray me to your father.  DARN […]

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