Things I’m thankful for:

xmas06web.jpg click for a close-up!

  • My sink laden with dirty dishes reminds me that my family eats at home, the meals that I have slaved over   prepared and cooked  served.
  • The endless flow of dirty laundry being washed and dried, then folded or hung and put away comes because my husband and I wear clean clothing everyday and also because we have three kids who like to ‘try on’ outfits then toss them on the floor   dress up in school clothes and then mudwrestle in the backyard  active daughters.

Today, I am thankful for a husband who suggested that we team up to do the oh-dark-hundred  day-after-Thanksgiving  Black Friday Christmas Shopping, which meant waking before any normal human being dawn in an effort to save hundreds of dollars in an effort to check off every person on our list for presents this year   gifts for our daughters and each other.  We were out at 5AM, shopped and bought at three stores, singlehandedly stimulated the economy, had all our shopping done and were enjoying an IHOP breakfast at 7AM.  We were home before our daughters had even woken and realized that we were gone!  Just kidding.  Grandma and Grandpa generously kept our three daughters overnight (loving thanks to Grandpa and Grandma).  Our girls’ gifts are taken care of, and I got my husband a five-burner, 32 000 BTU, stainless-steel propane grill *insert ‘Tool Time’ grunt here*.  The rest of the presents will probably be in the form of Gift Cards, since I know that I can be certain that the family members are getting exactly the gifts that they want.

I am doubly thankful that my daughters were willing to dress in their new holiday nightgowns (special thanks to Rainie!) and sit on the hearth while I attempted to snap photos worthy of being enclosed with Christmas cards.  Two of the girls L-O-V-E posing for photos, one would rather have bamboo shoots driven under her tiny nails.  I’ll let you guess which one dislikes cameras. You can see a few from the series on my Flickr page, plus I’ve added a few from my husband’s car show win!   



  1. emmers said,

    November 27, 2006 at 1:18 am

    nice pics. the girls are such dollies!

    and that mud wrestling thing still hasn’t happened here, my oldest is 10 ~grins~

  2. December 8, 2006 at 2:14 pm

    Christmas Flowers

    Christmas Flowers

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