Public Playground Amnesia

It struck yet again.  Yesterday.  I told you that I’d forget all the blood and tears and maternal terror that happened the last time I took the girls to the local park.  Three weeks to the day.   I previously predicted that only a week would pass before I suffered Playground Amnesia.  I am proud of myself (and my daughters) for surviving for such a long stretch without visiting the park.

I am also proud of my daughters for maintaining their manners and staying within my line of  sight.  We were also able to make a relatively quick departure – no tears OR blood this time.  Although I DID have to count to three as I was walking toward the SUV with Catie and Rosie in tow,  in a successful maneuver that brought Halie running to the car…  The unspoken threat of being left behind has always been an effective motivator with my children.   What can I say?  I told my M-I-L today that I’m certainly ‘paying for my raising’.  She just smiled and agreed by nodding her head.


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