Our oldest daughter, Halie, went to bed on Friday night at the usual time: 8PM.  Two hours later, I left DH (still playing X-Box), and climbed into our bed and drifted off to sleep.  My husband decided to sleep sitting up on our sofa in order to avoid the breathing issues he’s had along with his seasonal allergies recently.  I had a good night’s sleep, but over breakfast this morning,  my husband related an incident that happened about midnight with Halie.

My husband initially heard Halie crying (not unusual for a child in their sleep), but soon our daughter was out of her bed.  She stepped into the hallway, continued crying, and when she got no response, started wailing:  “I had a nightmare. Mommy? Daddy? Anybody?  HELLO?!  I HAD A NIGHTMARE!”  My husband called her over, comforted her and sent her back to bed.

My seven year old seemed to be channelling a scene from Ferris Bueller!  Ben Stein would be proud.


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