Our oldest daughter, Halie, went to bed on Friday night at the usual time: 8PM.  Two hours later, I left DH (still playing X-Box), and climbed into our bed and drifted off to sleep.  My husband decided to sleep sitting up on our sofa in order to avoid the breathing issues he’s had along with his seasonal allergies recently.  I had a good night’s sleep, but over breakfast this morning,  my husband related an incident that happened about midnight with Halie.

My husband initially heard Halie crying (not unusual for a child in their sleep), but soon our daughter was out of her bed.  She stepped into the hallway, continued crying, and when she got no response, started wailing:  “I had a nightmare. Mommy? Daddy? Anybody?  HELLO?!  I HAD A NIGHTMARE!”  My husband called her over, comforted her and sent her back to bed.

My seven year old seemed to be channelling a scene from Ferris Bueller!  Ben Stein would be proud.


Dinner Time!

Last night was a special PTA function:  The whole family was welcome to attend a fun family night at the elementary school where my oldest two daughters attend.  They offered  free hot dogs, chips, cookies for dessert, and water to drink.  When my daughters and I arrived at 6PM, they were still setting up the meal, so the four of us continued to the gymnasium, where I was told already had a gigantic bouncy house set up. 

Don’t laugh.  That’s what my kids call it.  That’s what I call it! 

All three of my daughters made a beeline to the gym, tossed their shoes on the floor and piled in.  Instantly, all three were squealing with delight.  After a few minutes, the principal came into the gym and announced that the hot dogs were ready.  Halie and Catie made a hasty exit from the bouncy house, and began scrambling to find the shoes they could not have cared less about a few minutes earlier.   Rosie, on the other hand, stayed in the farthest corner of the bouncy house and refused to acknowledge me, no matter how I called her name.  The principal, standing beside me, said “I think you’ll have to go in and get her.”  I shook my head and told him, “Watch.”  I cupped my hands around my mouth and called out, “Rosie, DINNER TIME!”  Rosie turned around, met my gaze and came barreling through the kids still in the bouncy house, repeating “Dinnuh time! Dinnuh time! Dinnuh time! “.  I looked at the principal and smiled.  I told him that no one comes between my daughters and their dinners! 


As if I wasn’t already in enough pain…

The pain in my rear is almost gone. Thank you for your prayers and concerns!  The calm in my life is rather short-lived these days. You see, dear reader, I took a spill after school on Wednesday as I headed out to pick up some lunch from a local Mexican food place.  I was in great mood that day (not unusual right after school), happy and oblivious, and I misjudged the step up to the sidewalk from the parking lot.  Yes, I tripped over the curb! As I fell, I slid across the sidewalk to the grass on the other side, where my face landed. Wait. Let me be totally honest: there was no way to gracefully recover from such a tumble.  I just had to laugh at myself!

Since the weather has been beautiful in Dallas this week, two nurses were dining outdoors and saw the entire incident.  As I lay still, face down, in the grass, I heard one nurse say to the other, “Oh my goodness! Do you think she’s unconscious?”  I heard the other nurse call out, “Ma’am? Are you okay?”  I responded by hopping up and saying, “I’m okay.  It’s just some skin and it will grow back, right?”  I headed into the restaurant, where I was greeted by two local police officers who had been dining inside, near a large window.  The first officer asked me, “Are you going to be alright?” The second officer asked me where I was injured.  I showed him my elbows and told him that the restaurant, like any owner of a potentially dangerous animal, needed a sign to warn customers.  “That sidewalk just jumped up and took a bite out of my arm with no warning!" Both officers laughed and told me that I should expect to be sore the next day.  It wasn’t until I got home later that I saw a bloody spot on my scrubs and found that my left knee was missing some flesh.  I cleaned up my owwies, went to bed, and woke up the next morning – VERY SORE. I went for a delicious burrito on Wednesday and ended up with one , but only after I was served a Grass Sandwich as an appetizer.

On top of all of this drama, I’m studying the systems of our body in the Anatomy and Physiology course that I’m taking.  On Tuesday we learned about the skeletal system. On Wednesday (when I took the spill), we learned about the muscular system (where all the muscles attach to bones and joints). On Thursday, when I was really sore, we covered the nervous system.  So now I know all of the bones, joints, muscles and nerves that might be injured.  From a silly fall to the concrete. 

 Good thing I’m so well insulated!

Memorial Stone

Fred’s Will provided $30,000 for an elaborate funeral. As the last guests
departed the affair, his wife, Helen, turned to her oldest friend. “Well,
I’m sure Fred would be pleased,” she said.

“I’m sure you’re right,” replied Jody, who lowered her voice and leaned in
close. “How much did this really cost?”

“All of it,” said Helen. “Thirty thousand.”

“No!” Jody exclaimed. “I mean, it was very nice, but $30,000?”

Helen answered, “The funeral was $6,500. I donated $500 to the church. The
wake, food and drinks were another $500. The rest went for the memorial

Jody computed quickly. “$22,500 for a memorial stone? My God, how big is

Two and a half carats.”

Birth Order:

Your Clothes:

1st baby: You begin wearing maternity clothes as soon as your OB/GYN confirms your pregnancy.
2nd baby: You wear your regular clothes for as long as possible.
3rd baby: Your maternity clothes ARE your regular clothes.

Preparing for the Birth:

1st baby: You practice your breathing religiously.
2nd baby: You don’t bother because you remember that it doesn’t matter anyway.
3rd baby: You remember to rewind the mechanical swing at all costs.


1st baby: If the pacifier falls on the floor, you put it away until you can go home and wash and boil it.
2nd baby: When the pacifier falls on the floor, you wash it off with soap and water.
3rd baby: You wipe it off on your shirt and pop it back in.
Baby’s Social Schedule: 
1st baby: You take your infant to Baby Gymnastics, Baby Swing, and Baby Story Hour.
2nd baby: You take your infant to Baby Gymnastics.
3rd baby: You take your infant to the supermarket and the dry cleaner.

Going Out:

1st baby: Leave baby at home with Grandma, with orders to call you immediately if baby begins to cry.

2nd baby: Leave older kid with sitter, drop baby off at Grandma’s. Talk about kids the entire time.
3rd baby: Stay at home and play board games after the kids go to bed!

At Home:

1st baby: You spend a good bit of every day just gazing at the baby.

2nd baby: You spend a bit of everyday watching to be sure your older child isn’t squeezing, poking, or hitting the baby.
3rd baby: You spend a little bit of every day hiding from the children.

Swallowing Coins (a favorite):

1st child: When first child swallows a coin, you rush the child to the hospital and demand x-rays.
2nd child: When second child swallows a coin, you carefully watch for the coin to pass.
3rd child: When third child swallows a coin you deduct it from his allowance!

God’s reward for allowing your children to live!


Monday begins my fourth week of A&P (Anatomy and Physiology for you non-science geeks), and we have four more to go.  My three fellow classmates (yep, only 3.  It’s a small class.) do not seem to be as interested in the amazing internal structure of our body as I am.  Nor do they seem to know the answers when the instructor asks a question.  I have had to use a special strategy to keep from coming off as a know-it-all.

 At one time, I knew all of the skeletal features in the human body, thanks to my EMT training ten years ago.  Since then, I’ve had a serious brain injury, which caused my brain to rewire itself.  Let me explain:  The part of my brain that was injured contained some memories that, after the accident, I was unable to recall.  I learned later that I just needed stimulus to be able to recall the information.  For instance, I couldn’t even remember my wedding to my Darling Husband.  Once I was home again, I watched the video of the ceremony, and I was able to recall facts that weren’t even on the video!  It’s not that I had lost the memories forever, it’s just that I need related stimulus to access the memories.  My brain has had to learn different routes to access the memory.

That said,  I have been waiting for an epiphany regarding my A&P knowlege.  What has happened is that I have not had an ‘Ah-ha!’ moment even once.  Surprisingly, when the instructor asks me a question that has the rest of the class (the other three teenagers) stumped,  I instantly KNOW the answer.  I don’t know HOW, but I already know the answer!  I shared this fact with my husband after the first few days of A&P class, and he warned me about alienating the rest of my classmates.  My DH also gave me an easy solution: When the teacher asks a question, and the answer pops into my mind, instead of blurting it out, I write the answer down in my notes.  Then, if the rest of the class is stumped and the intructor calls on me,  I’ve already got the answer written down.    It’s worked like a charm so far.

On the illness front, the doctor has given me permission and instructions to take care of the packing/unpacking of the wound at home.  I will remain on serious antibiotics for a few more days, but the doctor has told me to expect the site to continue to be tender for the next few months.  I’m already dreading the practical application portion of the Swedish Massage series, where we’ll be testing out our techniques on each other’s bodies.  Can you say “Ow!“, boys and girls?  Anyway,  this is the second day that I have not taken any Vicodin, and even without the medication, I’m feeling no pain.  I’m well on my way to putting the whole business *behind* me.  Thank you, Beth!

Another Update

This morning, I saw my doctor yet again.  Praise God that all these follow-up visits have been at no charge!

The doc is very pleased with my progress in healing.  I have definitely turned the corner with this infection.  I’ll continue to be on antibiotics for a few more days.  Trust me, when dealing with MRSA, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.  What’s a few more days if it means being certain that all the infection is gone for good?

I do still have a sizable hole in my left butt cheek, currently packed with antibiotic-laden gauze, which makes sitting rather uncomfortable.  While I do have pain meds to take (Vicodin), I did not take any today.  I even amazed myself with not automatically medicating myself this morning! 

The irony in this week has been the fact that we have been focused on the Integumentary System ( the skin ) of the human body.  In fact, we learned all about the layers of skin and how they serve as protection from pathogens.  It would seem that my own integumentary system let me down!

In any case, my next visit to follow-up with the doctor is on Saturday.  Hopefully, I’l get the all-clear at that point.  I’ll let you know.

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