She’s not a baby anymore…

hpim1494.JPGRosie was grumpy and tired last Friday night, so she was fussing.  Halie (7) began coddling her like a fussy baby,  which prompted my husband to tell them both to sit down and be quiet.  Not one to be outdone, Halie began to wail like a baby.  Catie soon joined her in carrying on like an infant.  Rosie instantaneously took on the role of mommy and began trying to calm the ‘babies’ down.

Rosie first offered her own sippy cup to each of her sisters.  Halie drink, then continued to wail.  Catie copied her big sister.  Rosie then offered Halie a toy and was surprised when her oldest sister pushed it away and continued to fuss.  She offered the toy to Catie as well.  Catie grabbed it and threw it across the room, then went right on crying. 

Rosie was obviously having a tough time trying to deal with the stress of two crying babies.  She used one hand to cover Halie’s mouth, then leaned over to try to offer the sippy cup to Catie at the same time.  Her poor little arms couldn’t reach from one sofa to the other!  When she realized it was too much to bear, Rosie threw down the sippy cup, balled up her tiny fists and held them in the air, screaming “STOPITSTOPITSTOPIT!!”

Today, my three year old daughter is officially a preschooler.  She’s not a baby anymore.  She will always be my baby.



  1. Diana said,

    August 15, 2006 at 10:52 am

    Well, she’ll probably remember this moment when she decides whether she wants more than one baby! LOL!

  2. Jenn M. said,

    August 15, 2006 at 8:12 pm

    Wahh!!! Don’t make me cry, school starts in afew weeks and my kid is going to kindergarten! I’m trying to be strong because I know she’s going to cry.

  3. jerseytjej said,

    August 16, 2006 at 5:00 am

    What they said!
    I wish someone would You Tube that Staples commercial for back to school! My kids don’t remember it and I SO need to help them out! We heard from the school, it seems that there are a lot of 8th graders that they think won’t be able to score high enough on their standardized test to pass grammar school. They thought that by categorizing the class of kids as, immature, not ready to move on or is prepared, they could divide the group up somehow. There is about 36 8th graders. Did I mention that I am not too fond of this whole process?

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