Potty Training 201

1After learning that Rosie was not expected to be toilet trained before she begins preschool,  the pressure is off of me.  Thus, the pressure is off of Rosie learning to use the potty! 

Saturday evening my husband was home early, so we ate dinner as a family: I cooked chicken and broccoli with rice, and all three girls ate every bite.  NO sooner than we had dishes all cleaned up than I heard the familiar RIP of Rosie’s diaper coming off.  She has a habit of taking them off.  Before I could get to her, I heard the alsoway-too-familiar sound of blobs of poop hitting the Pergo floor.  When I got to Rosie, she saw me and ran to the leather sofa, climbed up and plopped down – in my favorite spot.  I called for my husband to help.  DH walked into the room, and began trying to stifle a laugh.  Of course, that’s all it took to get me laughing at our predicament.  We agreed that I would clean Rosie and the small disaster on the sofa while he cleaned up the copious amounts of poo on the living room floor. My husband had just cleaned the floor and heard Rosie giggling from me tickling her belly as I was getting her clean.  He walked over to the sofa, locked eyes with Rosie, pointed his finger and told her “This sh*t ain’t funny!”  Then, he burst into laughter. WAH-HA-HA-HA-HA!

 I went to get a fresh diaper from the closet, tossed it into the living room, in Rosie’s direction, saying “You took it off – you put the new one on!”  By then, all of our family was out in the living room and we continued with the laughter.  Rosie climbed onto the freshly cleaned sofa and took her place between me and DH. Looking up at me, Rosie touched the side of my face and said “Fank You, Mommy.” 

Say it with me now: AWWWWW! 


1 Comment

  1. Diana said,

    August 14, 2006 at 11:49 am

    “This sh*t ain’t funny.” As opposed to the ones that have been? LOL!
    This is going to be happening to me soon, my son has learned that he, too, can work the velcro! Uh-Oh!

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