Summer winds to an end…NOT!

I purposely did notschedule my daughters for anything this summer, to save them (and myself) from the stress of over-scheduling.  Surely this would allow us a relaxing, carefree summer, right? WRONG!  The girls asked to play in the water every. single. day. (in spite of the  Level Red Ozone Warnings here in Dallas), they also requested a ‘slumber party’ every other day (read: stay awake until mommy and daddy go to bed, then sleep on the sofa bed in the living room). My husband and I have spent very little time alone between the end of May and the beginning of August. With the exception of a week-long stay in Las Vegas with my darling husband, I have been incapable of unwinding. 

I’m not creative.  I cannot come up with ideas to keep a five year old and a seven year old challenged (read: occupied) with an activity that would also be appropriate for their two year old sister. Blowing bubbles only engrosses a seven year old for about three minutes (max) on the first day of summer, you know. My long summer was punctuated by the following phrases, spoken about every five minutes: “Mom, I’m hungry.” or “Mom, I’m bored.” or “Mom, could I watch TV?”

I found myself more than once talking through clenched teeth by the time my DH came home from work. Every time they pleaded boredom, I came up with a chore to do.  Of course, they did the chores with much moaning and very little enthusiasm. Soon, the girls moved on to pleading their hunger.  I obliged them by offering two healthy snacks to choose from, and made sure that the girls were reallyhungry by telling them that they must sit at the table to eat the ‘snack’.  If they were not hungry, they would either tell me “Never-mind!” or leave the food uneaten on the table as they went to play.

So, my when-does-school-begin-again(?) summer turned out to be survivable. In the end, my five and seven year old daughters learned how valuable they are to each other, as roommates, playmates, dinner companions, and confidants.  So, will I do this ‘unscheduled’ summer thing again?  No Way!

How did you spend your summer?



  1. Tee said,

    August 9, 2006 at 10:05 am

    It was the same exact thing here. I HATE schedules and looked forward to a carefree, unplanned summer of fun and relaxing. Instead I’ve been dealing with 2 bored, squabbling, annoying, hungry children for a couple months. God help me! I can’t wait for school to start – and they can’t either.

  2. August 9, 2006 at 12:30 pm

    June was spent at day camp. It was supposed to be sport related, but other than a lot of free time to play basketball and soccer, I’m not so sure.

    July was spent missing the kids as they were with their dad. Oh, and we redecorated three rooms in house.

    We started school today. Bless the schedule.

  3. Latte Man said,

    August 9, 2006 at 1:31 pm

    I cannot come up with ideas to keep a five year old and a seven year old challenged (read: occupied) with an activity that would also be appropriate for their two year old sister.

    ahem… Three Year Old Daughter Thank You 😉

    “So, will I do this ‘unscheduled’ summer thing again? No Way!”

    Perhaps not, but I guarantee as your battle scars of the summer battles fade, you will look back on this much more fondly than you are ready to admit right now.

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