Not a Meme!

This is not the normal ‘100 Things About Me’ post.  This is my ‘100 Things that I Love’ post.  I would encourage you to do the same! Be sure to let me know so that I can link to you.

100 Things That I Love:

  1. the sunshine on my face
  2. the wind in my hair
  3. dinner with family 
  4. nursing my babies
  5. bare feet in sand
  6. kids playing in water
  7. sleeping in – guilt free.
  8. waking before the alarm goes off
  9. my first cup of coffee
  10. washing my hair
  11. first kiss from my girls each morning
  12. talking with my mother
  13. hugging my father
  14. dry toast
  15. the clouds before a thunderstorm
  16. sitting in the shade
  17. flowers for no reason at all
  18. shopping with my DH
  19. overhearing my daughters resolve a conflict
  20. saying, “I love you.”
  21. hearing, “I love you.”
  22. being all alone in a swimming pool
  23. checking email
  24. date night with my husband
  25. conversations with my sister
  26. being the oldest in my house
  27. listening to music VERY LOUD
  28. baking cookies
  29. picking flowers
  30. playing dress-up with my girls
  31. serving as a volunteer
  32. going ‘outside’ my comfort zone
  33. a meal that my MIL cooked
  34. writing in my blog
  35. laughing
  36. running into an old classmate
  37. talking about God’s mercy
  38. snuggling with my daughters
  39. hearing my DH tell me I’m beautiful
  40. falling asleep
  41. the crunch of salad
  42. the buzz of cicadas
  43. vacuuming
  44. putting on makeup
  45. buying a new shirt
  46. slip-on shoes
  47. green lawns
  48. the smell of bleach (chlorine)
  49. drinking one good beer
  50. hearing good news from others
  51. a good pedicure
  52. a long cry
  53. my sweet husband (AKA: DH or Prince Charming)
  54. my friendship with my MIL
  55. Christmas
  56. reading a whole magazine at one sitting
  57. singing Happy Birthday
  58. my church family
  59. getting a card in the mail
  60. having clean sheets
  61. a long shower
  62. organizing drawers and cabinets
  63. hosting a party
  64. buying the girls’ clothes
  65. soaking my feet
  66. Venti Mocha Frappaccino w/an extra shot
  67. doing nothing and having no one complain
  68. my Tempur-Pedic pillow (thanks, Dad & L.)
  69. did I mention coffee already?
  70. bargain shopping
  71. vacationing
  72. making bread
  73. watching my husband dance with our daughters
  74. dancing with my husband (alone)
  75. weddings
  76. Godiva Chocolate Cheescake
  77. patience
  78. Cold leather sofa when I’m having a hot flash
  79. warm sweater in winter
  80. watching my kids at the park
  81. hearing my toddler say, “God Bless You!”
  82. Seeing new freckles on Halie’s nose
  83. my daughters’ artwork
  84. taking pictures
  85. extended walks
  86. playing Go Fish with my daughters
  87. long talks
  88. watching my daughters perform their latest ‘trick’
  89. enjoying a popsicle
  90. holding my nephew
  91. tucking my daughters in at night
  92. standing in front of a fan ( in the summer)
  93. kissing owwies
  94. fireflies
  95. quiet moments (they DO happen)
  96. when my DH gets home at night and kisses me – first thing
  97. my DH asks me “How was your day?” and he listens
  98. my daughters’ sweet snoring
  99. playing Clue Life Poker Scrabble with Prince Charming
  100. falling asleep next to my husband

1 Comment

  1. August 2, 2006 at 11:25 am

    The little English teacher that lives in the back of my brain is screaming at me right now: “The title is ‘100 THINGS I Love’, but you’ve named people and events!” To which I reply, of course, that I was focused on the LOVE part, not the parts of speech.
    I’m sure you understand, my readers.

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