My Fifteen Two Minutes of Fame:

We sat through not one, but TWO timeshare presentations to get ‘free’ tickets to see a variety of things in Las Vegas that would have cost us money that we brought to gamble with! We got to sit front row to see George Wallace. I was actually hoping to be picked on by the comedian, since I can give at least as good as I get. A few minutes before George was scheduled to come on, this incredible sound filled the entire theater. Everyone there stopped talking. It was such an incredible sound that even as I tried to figure out who or what was making it – I was holding my breath. Six young men of different shades stepped out onto the stage, with microphones to their mouths. One of the guys stepped forward and introduced the group as Mosaic, and explained that all the sounds (even instruments) that we were about to hear were created with individual voices. They performed covers that spanned the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. One of the ‘white’ guys cranked out Smokey Robinson in a way that made me glad I was already sitting down. At one point, they asked if anyone knew the ‘Name Game’ song from the 60’s. My hand shot straight up (I was born in the 70’s, but I learned it in Kindergarten! ). Did I mention that we were sitting in the front row? One of the men, Josh, saw me and grabbed my hand. As he pulled me on stage, he looked me up and down, and obviously assumed I was too young to know the song. He began to ask me, “Are you sure…?” I told him, “I KNOW IT!” Then Josh handed me the microphone and said, “You’re running the show!”
Right on cue, I sang it loud and proud: “ERIN-ERIN-BO-BERIN-BANANA-FANNA-FO-FERIN-ME-MY-MO-MERIN….ERIN!”
The whole crowd cheered as Josh leaned over to whisper in my ear: “That was great! We’ve never had anyone get it right the first time through!” It was so much fun that I actually forgot for a moment who we were actually there to see. George Wallace didn’t even see me or my husband. He spoke to Baby Boomers most of the night. Good thing my husband and I have been raised by Baby Boomers and listened to their childhood tales of terror. Cutting your own switch… Being told that you resemble the milkman… My DH and I had a great time, and laughed along with all the other folks our parents’ age.

What will we be joking about in 30 years?

– When Beta, then VHS tapes became obsolete?
– How we watched movies at school on gigantic laser discs?
– How we actually voted George W. Bush into office?

What will you be laughing about in 30 years?


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