Our Las Vegas ‘Local’ Adventure

Like the other million tourists that arrived in Las Vegas last Sunday morning, we gathered our luggage and followed the signs that led us to the Taxi queue. Did I say ‘millions’, I should have said eleventy kajillion! Luckily for us, the line had a dozen ‘stations’ where local taxi drivers took turns picking up folks to transfer to a casino on The Strip. The line moved very quickly. Unfortunately for us, we were not the usual fare heading straight for Las Vegas Boulevard (The Strip). We were headed to CarMax, in Henderson County, Nevada. My Type ‘A’ personality spouse also looked the address up on MapQuest to be certain that we would not be taken for a ‘ride’ by a local cabbie while in Las Vegas. Not surprisingly, my husband printed off our itinerary, complete with addresses, so he repeated the address for the taxi driver, who asked to actually see the address. After studying the piece of printed paper for a moment, says, “Oh, yes. I know where that is!” Let me just say that the drive from the airport to the CarMax store was supposed to be eight miles. When we noticed the driver miss the exit from the highway labeled ‘Henderson’, we pointed it out to the taxi driver. The man tried to explain himself before turning around. Then turning around again. Then turning around, yet again. I noticed the meter was approaching $30, for what should have been a $10 ride. Finally, the driver pulled into a parking lot, turned off the meter and consulted his trusty Mapsco while my DH called the Henderson store. My husband gave the driver specific directions to the store and we got to the store lickety-split! The driver apologized over and over, and expected us to make a huge fuss about paying him anything for the crazy ride, but my generous husband paid him $25 dollars anyway. He thanked us and took our advice to stick with his fares to and from The Strip!

Why we were going to CarMax: My husband, who has been with the company nearly six years, recently achieved a CarMax milestone: A Demo. (for those who do not speak ‘car-lingo’, that means essentially he can drive a car off the lot with CarMax’s blessing, anywhere there is a CarMax open for business) The CarMax in Las Vegas had a red, 2006 Mustang GT that we ‘borrowed’ for a week during our stay there.


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