Viva Las Vegas!

There were bloggable moments at every turn! I finally decided to keep a notepad with me to jot things down on. Let me give you a summary of the posts that will follow this week:

Our flight (the story is below)
Our taxi escapade
Celine Dion, A New Day
Strip Poker
Me On Stage in Vegas!
Mexican Juggler
New Tattoo!

We stayed up late Saturday night to pack for our trip and for the girls’ week with Grandma and Grandpa. I tucked the cards I had bought for my husband’s birthday into his Men’s Health magazine (Sunday was his thirty-first birthday!), knowing that he would read while we were in flight. My DH and I left early Sunday morning, after dropping off the girls with DH’s parents (deepest thanks again, Mom and Dad). Did I mention that my husband booked our round-trip seats in First Class? *Ahem* Normally, I have a tough time flying. Motion Sickness. The flight into Las vegas went well (no turbulence = no barfing), but the coffee left more than a little to be desired. First, I requested caffeine by an I.V. drip, but the flight attendant served it in a plastic mug anyway. After I took the first sip, I asked for sugar (to kill the bitter aftertaste). I got two piddly little packets that held about a dozen crystals of sugar each. I quickly stirred them in, and tasted a second time. Nope. Needed more sugar. After about 50 of those teensy packets, I managed to drink two entire cups, then switched to orange juice. When breakfast was served, my husband said, “This is just as good as breakfast in bed on my birthday.” He thought I forgot his birthday!
A few minutes later, as he flipped through his magazine, he found the cards and kissed me.

The next post will tell you all about the ‘local’ taxi driver who GOT LOST with us in the car…


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