Leaving Las Vegas

Well, not yet actually, Erin and DH still have one last hot night to whoop it up in Vegas (it is supposed to be 113 degrees today… take you mind out of the gutter) before returning to reality. I would say hopefully they have some good stories to tell and maybe even a picture or two, but the old saying goes, “What happens in Vegas… Stays in Vegas.” So we may have to beg a little. (Go ahead, help me out here… leave appropriate begging and pleading in the comments.

I sure they wish they had more time, but on the other hand, I am willing to bet after a week away they can not wait to see the girls.

It was a pleasure acting as a guest blogger this week. Ben and I didn’t make too much of a mess around here. Although it does seem as if we (hell yes I am going to share the blame) may have scared away some of the commenters. But nothing that I am sure can’t be rectified one Erin is back as the Ringerleader and Master of Ceremonies around here.

So, as I bid you adeui, please allow me to also say. “Welcome Back Erin”


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