Forgive me

I’m afraid I haven’t been a terribly prolific guest blogger. Sorry! I think I’m in the doldrums after my vacation.

Here are a few “kids say the darndest things” that – oddly enough – my kids have come up with recently.

“Just like on Sponge Bob!”
(said loudly when Davey Jones was mentioned at the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie)

“That’s gotta hurt.”
(watching Cinderella man. We caught a little bit on HBO while we were on vacation)

“Why’s she sleeping up there?”
(watching Catwoman. I only let them watch it for it’s feline friendly story line, honest)

“Why isn’t she wearing more clothes?”
“Dayum, she’s hot!”
(Catwoman, again. Actually, that second quote might have been me)

“I know why she won’t shake his hand. She just doesn’t like black people.”
(Remember the Titans. My son was glued to this movie. His comment brought a tear to my eye, for many reasons)

“That’s the wrong Lex Luther!”
(Superman Returns, who according to my son took WAY too many liberties with the Smallville storyline)

“He kicked it so hard the ball exploded!”
(Shaolin Soccer. Really funny movie)

Looking back at this list, perhaps we watch too many movies?


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