Everything I know about Vegas I learned in Kindergarten

OK, not true. When I was in kindergarten, I don’t think I had ever heard of Vegas. But that’s a funnier headline than “movies.”

Yes, I’ve been to Vegas. Once. I was fourteen, we drove down the strip one afternoon in our station wagon (think “Vacation” but lamer), we didn’t stop. Captain Daddy was keeping us on track to our next destination. It looked like a dusty little strip of hotels in the middle of nowhere.

Since then, I’ve learned:

Elvis Imitators have meetings there (Honeymoon in Vegas)

Some prostitutes are all heart (Leaving Las Vegas)

Nicolas Cage has some bad luck (Con-Air, both of the above)

The town is chock-ful of dancers (Showgirls). Oh, c’mon, you’ve seen it too.

Elvis has a soft spot for the town (Viva Las Vegas)

James Bond has been to Vegas (Diamonds are Forever)

Of course, there’s Fear and Loathing and Vacation’s in Vegas, too.

Are there any more?

Hopefully Erin and hubs will come back with tales that can further fill in my demented mental image of what the place is really like.


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