One last post

As you read this, I am already in Las Vegas with my DH, but I wrote this post before I left for the airpost and trust that one of my guest bloggers will post it for me.

We had a poker party last Sunday, and we saved the commemorative glasses that we bought from the Stratosphere where we stayed in Las Vegas last year. I keep them on a high shelf, just to avoid bumping them to the floor and sending the very fragile glasses on a direct (however accidental) trip to the city dump. Until we hosted a poker party, those glasses stayed in their rightful place next to the engraved champagne flutes from our wedding, in the highest cabinet in the kitchen. Did I happen to mention that we hosted a poker party? A Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament. One of our friends brought a bottle of wine. It was a lovely wine. Lovely enough to deserve to be sipped out of my fragile, treasured Stratosphere glass. The glass had been in the cabinet for, oh, let’s say…twelve months or so. It had to be washed and rinsed, then placed on the quick-freeze shelf in my freezer for a few minutes, right? I did just that! When I returned to the freezer to retrieve my invaluable glass and opened the door, the glass came tumbling out and crashed to the tile floor. My husband came into the kitchen and said something that made the whole situation seem laughable: “I’d feel really bad if we weren’t going back in a week! We can get another one while we’re there.” We laughed and slapped hands, then he went out to the garage to get the shop vac. I had it all cleaned up in just a couple of minutes. *sigh*
While I’m in Las Vegas, I don’t want to leave my handful of regular readers in the lurch! I have two experienced bloggers who’ll be filling in for me. Please feel free to visit their respective blogs while I’m gone as well. They’ll make you think. And laugh. Maybe at the same time.


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