Second Choice Friend

More than a year ago, my daughters befriended a boy who lives down the street from us. Made sense to me: B is a few months older than my oldest daughter, likes to play with dolls, doesn’t put up with my girls’ intimidation tactics, and his mom lives nearby (so I can always send him home). Last summer, they played together all. summer. long. When school began in the Fall of 2005, Halie began attending another school, and then a young boy moved into the house on the other side of B. The visits from B all but stopped. Except for the times when the new neighbor boy isn’t at home. My daughters fail to accept that B only comes to call when his new pal isn’t available. So, I’ve begun to turn B away at the door when I know that his new best friend isn’t at home. Yesterday, the girls just could not understand why I would not let B play with them. I thought of telling them that I was just not in the frame of mind to watch my own three daughters plus a fourth child who belongs elsewhere. Instead, I honestly asked them: “How do you feel about being B‘s second choice to play with?”

What would you do? Please tell!


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