HELP!! Advice needed

I just happened to throw my pants in with two of my DH’s Carmax uniforms a couple of days ago. Royal blue collared polos and khaki shorts. They made it through the washing machine just fine, but in the dryer, the lip balm I had tucked into my pocket and ‘misplaced’ decided to make a grand entrance. Did I mention it was tinted lip balm? Shimmery tinted lip balm? $100+ dollars in Carmax work clothes. Spotted with pink glittery lip junk. I screwed up.

I have tried Shout, Zout, Resolve and Stain Devil for makeup, so the marks are faded…but still there. Anyone have a recommendation for getting this stuff out without further damaging the 100% cotton, royal blue shirts and the 100% cotton, wrinkle-free khaki shorts? My clothes were in that load as well, but since I wear a wardrobe from WalMart, I’m willing to scrap the pants. I have to save DH’s works clothes. Hay-ulp!


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