Again, Rosie SPEAKS!

My oldest two daughters are in the phase where they argue for as long as it appears that they have the upper hand. Blessedly, they do so with each other and not with me or DH. This morning, as I was unloading the dishwasher, I could hear Halie and Catie in the initial stages of a disagreement. This is the point at which they really don’t want a parent to step in, so the try to keep it quiet. As I continued eavesdropping, the issue began to escalate, with each girl’s voice getting louder and louder. Rosie wandered in to the living room at some point, and began quietly repeating the verbal jabs that her older sisters were tossing at each other. Halie and Catie grew annoyed that they had attracted a mini-heckler. They stormed out of the living room, retreating to their respective bedrooms, shouting “FINE!” in unison as an attempt to get one last word in. As I stepped into the living room to find a bewildered two year old, she looked up at me and shouted, “FINE!”


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