Weekend Update

Also an optional name for this post: PTSD. DH bought a Family Sized inflatable pool on Saturday. *Hey. I’m just telling you what it said ON THE BOX!* When we realized that it was 100 degrees outside, he inflated it, filled it with water and let the girls have at it. Pretty soon, my husband saw how much fun the girls were having and decided to join them. This was an event to be archived in pictures, so I grabbed the camera and began snapping away (also, it was a convenient excuse not to get wet). Rosie was napping at this point (yes, miracles DO happen), and as soon as she woke up, I helped her into her little suit and off she went! Rosie initially was shocked by the cold water and jumped into her daddy’s lap. Pretty soon, Rosie was splashing around with her sisters and having a great time! I was waiting for the phone to ring:
Mrs. HalieCatieRosie’s Mom, this is the Dead. We’d like to get back to our eternal slumber. Could you tell your kids to quit screaming? Thank you!”
Getting them out of the water was relatively easy: hunger drives children. Their growling bellies won out when I called out the back door, “DINNER!!” By 8PM they were all sleeping. Good times. Gooood Times.


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