Conversation with my 5 year old

Halie and Catie each have a chart with their responsibilities for each day (ie: making bed, getting dressed, laundry in basket, etc.). Before bed each night, we evaluate the day for each girl, placing stickers on the responsibilities that each took care of without being asked. Halie almost never debates with me about what she did or did not do. Catie, on the other hand, is a completely different story.

It’s after our devotional, and before brushing our teeth for bed. This is what we fondly call ‘Sticker Time’. The charts are on the door to Catie’s bedroom, so the two girls and I stood there while I assessed my five year old’s day first. First on the chart for Catie? Make Bed. I look at the top bunk, and see no top sheet, nor do I see a blanket or a pillow. Aloud, I said, “You didn’t make your bed. No sticker.” A sound that can only be described as indignant came out of Catie’s mouth. Below is our conversation. Verbatim. Don’t laugh. I wrote it down immediately!

Me: What’s wrong? Did you or did you not make your bed this morning?

Catie: Well, sorta.

Me: Your comforter, top sheet AND pillow are on the floor!

Catie: Well, by saying ‘sorta‘, I meant ‘No’.

Me: When you say ‘sorta’, I expect at least your pillow and comforter to be in a reasonable position ON YOUR BED. Maybe next time you actually mean ‘No‘, you could actually state the obvious.


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