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I’m over at Hey, You! putting in my two cents while Ben’s on vacation on a beach somewhere…but I’m not jealous. Especially not since he’ll do the same for me when I am gone the second week in July! Go over and say ‘Hi‘ on his blog, please.


Second Choice Friend

More than a year ago, my daughters befriended a boy who lives down the street from us. Made sense to me: B is a few months older than my oldest daughter, likes to play with dolls, doesn’t put up with my girls’ intimidation tactics, and his mom lives nearby (so I can always send him home). Last summer, they played together all. summer. long. When school began in the Fall of 2005, Halie began attending another school, and then a young boy moved into the house on the other side of B. The visits from B all but stopped. Except for the times when the new neighbor boy isn’t at home. My daughters fail to accept that B only comes to call when his new pal isn’t available. So, I’ve begun to turn B away at the door when I know that his new best friend isn’t at home. Yesterday, the girls just could not understand why I would not let B play with them. I thought of telling them that I was just not in the frame of mind to watch my own three daughters plus a fourth child who belongs elsewhere. Instead, I honestly asked them: “How do you feel about being B‘s second choice to play with?”

What would you do? Please tell!

Glitter,Glitter Everywhere…

At Rosie’s naptime, I get my older two daughters set up to work on their computer or maybe even to watch Veggie Tales while I get Rosie settled down. It normally takes about five minutes to get Rosie almost to sleep (once she stops moving, she’s down for the count). Today took significantly longer than that, maybe 15 minutes. My seven year old and her five year old sister decided to create a surprise for DH, to present to him when he came home today. The ‘surprise’ involved creating a banner for his upcoming birthday, complete with excessive glitter. Glitter that Halie got as a gift from someonewhoisnothermother for Christmas last year, and she’s done fine with it, when supervised. So I hold Halie accountable for its use (misuse).

**sidenote: DH’s birthday is July 9, when we’ll be departing for our vacation. The girls want to be sure they get to celebrate their Daddy’s birthday as a family, so they set up this surprise with me yesterday. I baked DH’s favorite cake (cherry-chocolate), and even bought cards ‘from the kids’ to have the girls sign today. They came up with this glitter idea on. their. own. When I discovered them in the kitchen after the longer-than-usual storytime with Rosie, they were already in the process of hiding the evidence. My daughters did not do a stellar job, however. As they walked out of the kitchen past me, they were leaving glittery footprints behind them on the Pergo floor, chattering about putting on some sunscreen and going outside! Let’s just say that they didn’t get to do as they had planned. They got to surprise their Daddy, yes. Go outside? No. Catie cleaned off the table, so I sent her out to the living room. Halie got the privilege of vacuuming the entire kitchen floor. When they were finished, I could still see glitter everywhere, but decided that we needed to prepare for DH’s homecoming ‘surprise’, so I put off the deep-clean until evening chore time.

Yes, I hung the banner. Yes, the cake had a candle. Yes, we jumped out and shouted “Surprise!” Yes, the girls gave DH the birthday cards. Yes, I realize that my daughters are a week and a half early in wishing their Daddy a ‘Happy Birthday’, but you only turn 31 once in your lifetime, right?

Before shower and bedtime, Halie spent 30 minutes with a sink full of suds and a rag wiping up all the glitter on the kitchen floor. When I pointed out how long it took to clean up the mess, she said, “Wow! That’s longer than it took to make the banner!” Not only did she do the math in her head, Halie realized what an effort it takes to clean up that kind of a mess. My oldest daughter went to bed very pleased with herself today.

Oh well. I tried!

I used all of the stain removal methods that my loving readers told me about. The spots on my husband’s work clothes are diminished significantly, but still there. My DH is more than pleased and has forgiven my foul up. At least he won’t resemble a spotted owl and be ridiculed by his coworkers. Thank you for giving me a chance to redeem myself!

HELP!! Advice needed

I just happened to throw my pants in with two of my DH’s Carmax uniforms a couple of days ago. Royal blue collared polos and khaki shorts. They made it through the washing machine just fine, but in the dryer, the lip balm I had tucked into my pocket and ‘misplaced’ decided to make a grand entrance. Did I mention it was tinted lip balm? Shimmery tinted lip balm? $100+ dollars in Carmax work clothes. Spotted with pink glittery lip junk. I screwed up.

I have tried Shout, Zout, Resolve and Stain Devil for makeup, so the marks are faded…but still there. Anyone have a recommendation for getting this stuff out without further damaging the 100% cotton, royal blue shirts and the 100% cotton, wrinkle-free khaki shorts? My clothes were in that load as well, but since I wear a wardrobe from WalMart, I’m willing to scrap the pants. I have to save DH’s works clothes. Hay-ulp!

Duplicate Question:

My daughters were watching ‘Pinky Dinky Doo‘ on Noggin this morning. Let me rephrase that: one daughter sat under each of my arms (with no ‘shower‘ comment), and one sat in my lap. So every female in my house was watching Noggin this morning. The show is about a young girl who makes up stories to entertain her younger brother while helping to come up with a solution. Today’s show was about being asked to do many ‘chores’ by several family members at the same time. She unearths a Duplication Machine from the bottom of her closet (come on! It’s a made up story anyway.), with which she duplicates herself – times 12. Which got me thinking. If I could actually do that, I’d create at least eight: one of myself for each child, one to do all the laundry, one to answer all the calls, one to cook all the meals, one to referee all the squabbles, one to do all the leg work and chauffeur duties, leaving little old me to tend to my husband. My question is this: How many copies of yourself would you create and what would you assign each to do?

Vegas Countdown…

If you haven’t seen the ticker at the bottom of the page, it’s only 14 DAYS to Las Vegas with my DH for a week! Woo-hoo!

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