Googlers Beware!

Lucinda piqued my curiosity, so I have been monitoring the searches that land folks at my blog. Pretty interesting, and I have some advice for these strange Googlers:

Nudity Family Locker Room
Do you wish to take your small child of the opposite sex into the locker room with you? I say, if the child is under five, then Why Not? If you are wanting to educate your child (or yourself) on general anatomy – buy a book!

Circus Clothes
Try a Thift Store!

tattooed circus woman poster

“potty training” poop OR pooped OR poopy OR poopies OR stinky OR poo
You came to the right place. I’m not afraid to talk about poop.

slip-n-slide human bowling
Uh. You’ll have to talk to my father.

immediate use of “bc powder” for heart attack
I’d be dialing 9-1-1, not running to CVS for BC Powder, but that’s just me.

holding my pee
After three babies, I’m still trying to figure it out.

This has been rather entertaining for me. When I have nothing else to post, I will do this again!


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