Indoor Snow

Be warned: I have used some five dollar words, but I have linked to the definitions at Dictionary dot com.
It is a spectacular phenomena I have never witness before. Indoor Snow! Five o’clock Monday evening, the girls are happily eating Mac&Cheese, so it was a judgement call. Do I leave them for the 20 seconds it takes me to pee, or do I try to hold it so I can supervise them at the dinner table? I polled my daughters about the meal: “Is this a keeper? What do you think?” The girls responded with grunts of approval, so I risked the run to the bathroom. Not sure I made the right choice.
On my way back to the kitchen after my potty run (hey! I hafta dash while the kids are otherwise occupied!), I passed through the living room and noticed Rosie, holding something surreptitiously under the coffee table. As I stepped deeper into the room, I noticed that there was a light dusting of white on the coffee table. I stepped closer to Rosie and the table to investigate, and my toddler held up the once full shaker of salt. Immediately, I walked over to turn on the lights in the living room, and when I did, what I saw both surprised and amazed me. There were white crystals of salt on each suface that Rosie could possibly reach: The entire leather sectional, the entire coffee table, the entire area rug (upon which the table sits), and every square inch of Pergo between her booster chair in the kitchen and the hallway where I came from.
I am certain my mouth hung open as I searched for the words to say. All I could come up with was: To the thinking spot. Now.
While I cannot expect a two year old to handle the vacuum cleaner (no matter how lightweight it is), I can make an impact on her wee mind by exiling her to her bed. What?! Don’t look at me in that tone of voice, dear reader! Rosie was fed, dry and she had NO NAP. She’s tired, and I’m cross – reason enough to send her to bed two hours early. Then, I cleaned up the seasoning shrapnel. When I finished and put the vacuum away, I peeked in on Rosie, who was peacefully sleeping. On the floor. In the doorway of her room. I sighed deeply and my daughter was forgiven. I believe that God designed life with small children that way: when parents see their children sleeping, the slate is wiped clean for the next day. So it was with my two year old on Monday evening.


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