Toilet Training 201

Rosie is not interested in doing more than sitting naked on the ‘practice’ potty seat, then streaking about the house, zigging and zagging, in hopes of evading eventual capture. This child is nearly three years old. She actually tells me when she’s using her diaper. She can actually tell me “I PEE!” or “I POOP!”, but only after she’s honestly done the deed. And still, I let her sit, momentarily, then jump and run, her slippery baby-flesh sliding right through my fingers as I attempt to grab her. Grrrrrrrr.

I’m thinking of leaving the diapers and the wipes on a low shelf in the hallway closet for Rosie’s convenience. When she proudly announces to me (or the rapt audience of guests in the Living Room) that she has indeed soiled or wet her diaper, I shall point her to the hallway closet with one hand. Then, I’ll say, “You can handle it!”

I figure it only took two incidences with my oldest daughter, where I made her clean herself up after a poop, to get her on the potty-using bandwagon. Surely it shouldn’t take more than that to get Rosie ready. Right?


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