With fair, freckled, Irish skin, I have always been pink. Never tan, despite my Italian and Cherokee ancestry. Full-on lobster red for those summers I spent slathering on Baby-Oil and baking under the glaring sun.(I know – what the heck was I thinking?!) I have a few fine lines around my eyes, thanks to those rebellious years. I did my best to correct some damage when I began using anti-aging treatments as a teen. Now I’m 31, and suddenly I’m battling pimples. I feel like Nancy Kerrigan pleading, “Why?” Now, it seems I have a choice between Stridex or Ponds. Was I wrong to expect that there would be even a short span of time between fighting pimples and battling wrinkles? Even NBA Playoff teams get at least a day to rest between battles!

Have you noticed the Dallas Mavericks are doing? They won the playoff series with the San Antonio Spurs last night in game 7!


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