Alphabet Tag

Valerie tagged me with with the letter ‘R’. I’m supposed to come up with ‘R’ words that describe my life and what’s important to me. Here goes!

I am not Reserved in the least bit. My DH’s first name begins with R.
Romance is something neither one of us really worries about.
We ultimately Respect each other, and our love is Real.
Redhead: I came into the world as one, I will leave this world as one!
Rare: dates alone with my husband.
Risky describes every one of my pregnancies (that why I’m done being bearing babies!)
The following words…
Reckless… all describe my daughters.
Relaxation: I’m always in need of!
Because I’m quite Resourceful in my spending, I have been able to stay home with all of my daughters.

I’m tagging Emma with the letter ‘B’.


1 Comment

  1. HolyMama! said,

    May 20, 2006 at 11:21 pm

    oooh, you’re really good at this!!

    And rare dates alone… sigh. i know. me too.

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