The Indie Virus

Indie Virus is here!!

I have been infected with the desirable Indie Virus. Emma at The Bees Knees was thinking of me and passed this virus.

This is a virus you WANT to catch!

The Finer Points
The experiment, henceforth referred to as “The Indie Virus,” has two goals:

To bring exposure to lesser known blogs (especially those outside of Technorati’s top 100)
To explore the metrics behind a viral linking campaign launched by the “little guys” (less popular blogs)

Instead of rehashing the ideas here, I’ll send you on over to Copyblogger to see how this thing progressed in the comments. I think people are skeptical, but the bottom line is that this is just a casual experiment. Launching it doesn’t really cost a thing, so why not try it? I’m just hoping for enough results that I’ll be able to crunch a few numbers. Consider it an experiment in marketing with blogs.

The Rules
Participating in The Indie Virus is easy. All you’ve got to do is link to lesser known blogs from within a post (or two, or eleventeen), but you have to make sure that the anchor text of your link is The Indie Virus. This is critical, because in order to track the experiment, I’ll be searching for the phrase “The Indie Virus” on common engines like Technorati, Google, and Yahoo! Oh, and also, make sure that you link directly to a post WITH A TRACKBACK and not to the site itself – it speaks louder!

This is a virus….. a very contagious virus but one you want to get.

I’m infecting some of my wonderful hilarious mommybloggerfriends!!

Zephra at her blog: Chronicles of an Exhausted Mom Z– I love how you honestly share the daily battles involved with your career of choice: Stay At Home Motherhood. It’s nice to know that there is another mom out there who feels the same as I do about a lot of things. I am not alone!

My younger sister, Kelly, at her blog: Zhook KJ – I am so blessed to have a sister like you! We don’t love each other because we have to, but because we make each other laugh. Oh yeah – and we have that whole ‘growing up together’ thing.

Elizabeth, at her blog: Motherhood is not for Wimps Liz – You make me laugh at my own life more and more with each post I read. You inspire me to be a more emphatic writer. I have never met you or your breathtaking daughters, but I know we’d have a fun afternoon at the zoo!

Go, and Spread the Love!


1 Comment

  1. Zephra said,

    April 15, 2006 at 6:47 pm

    Thanks for the mention. I try to come by your site everyday but have been lacking energy lately. Your kindness makes me feel so good.

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