And the Oscar goes to…

Halie took a limo ride in preparation for her self-proclaimed movie-star future. She kindly allowed other first graders from her school to accompany her on this practice run. In truth, the school had cookie-dough sales in March, and a handful of students from each grade level earned a limo ride to CiCi’s Pizza. That was today, at lunchtime. The driver made sure to inform both the students and the adults in charge that this Excursion stretch limo was making its first run. Full of first graders, no less! Halie is far to the right in the light blue t-shirt that reads:Fabulous!’ in rhinestones.

Don’t. Ask. I bought several cute cheap tees at Wally World about a month ago. Yes, the tee shirt was among those I purchased.

The limo ride and the lunch at CiCi’s went smoothly. At least I’ve heard nothing to the contrary at this point. Halie was over the moon when I picked her up from school today.
While I know that at least one of my daughters will win an Oscar one day in the future, it’s too soon for me to decide which one of the three it will be. My prayer is that when making her acceptance speech, she’ll remember to thank God , as well as her loving, supportive parents.

Flashback Friday!

Our family, then: Just the three of us, circa April 1999. Aside from Halie, we are more than 100 pounds lighter. Halie, now seven years old, doesn’t even weigh 50 pounds yet.

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things that Erin loves about Spring

1. My daughters play outside.

2. They bicker and I don’t have to listen or referee.

3. My daughters don’t physically harm each other. Much.

4. We have a gargantuan wooden playground in our backyard.

5. My daughters still have touble sharing it.

6. Yes, they tattle on each other.

7. After I’ve heard enough, I tell them: Unless it is broken, bleeding or on fire, I don’t want to hear about it!

8. My daughters argue with each other, but if an outsider starts an arguement with one of them, the other jumps to her defense.

9. My daughters do not hesitate to say ‘I love you’.

10. Neither do I!

11. I am glad that I have all girls.

12. DH loves being the King of the Castle.

13. He also says to include him in the kid count!

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New Specs!!

I got new frames today. Prescription hasn’t changed much. As the optometrist gently put it, I am “at the age where the prescription won’t change much, until [I’m] in need of bifocals.” I digress. Did I say ‘gently‘? Hyperbole is not a trait that I possess. My old frames were from my days in the rehabilitation hospital. Not bad, just not funky enough for my personality. Needless to say, I won’t be posting pictures with those frames. This is the first time I’ve posted a photo of myself on my blog, I realize. I thought about having one of my lovely daughters model the new frames. However, since my head is on the large side, I cannot expect my gigantic frames to fit on any of their tiny heads!

**UPDATE** My DH noticed a bruise on my forehead last night, so I checked out the picture. Sure enough, there it is, near my hairline! I’m not kidding when I talk about my little Rosie being a hot-tempered redhead on the inside. Two days ago, she beaned me with a toy block, and since it didn’t hurt (much) I neglected to hold an ice pack on it. DUH. And yes, my forehead really is that large. What can I say? I don’t like bangs!

Cherokee Princess

You may not know that between me and my DH, my daughters have enough Cherokee blood to be considered descendants.

Oh No!!

Just so you know, I’ve taken cues from other mommy bloggers in using symbols to represent certain le++ers simply to avoid freaky searches…

Recently, in Halie’s backpack, there was a personal note sent home from school. Apparently the Drama teacher is concerned about my first-grade daughter’s behavior that particular day. The note simply said that Halie had been having an argument, then she slapped another student on the arm. She left her contact information and a spot in which to sign my name, so the teacher would know that I was now aware of her concern. Halie, of course, did not willingly produce this note when she climbed into the SUV after school, nor did she give it to me when we arrived home. If I had not retrieved her lunch box from her backpack, I never would have seen the notebook paper with adult handwriting on it. Since Halie eats slowly ( like me) she and I are always the last two family members at the dinner table. I took the brief one-on-one time with my seven year old to discuss the event. Halie told me that she had chosen not to wear the shorts I had laid out for her to put on beneath her dress. As she continued, Halie also explained that one of the other students saw a glimpse of her pan+ies while in Drama. The student is a sweet, generally well-behaved girl, and Halie has spoken fondly of her up to this point. I know all of this because I AM THE ROOM MOTHER. Seems all it took was the young child saying, “Eww! I saw Halie’s pan+ies!” to warrant a slap from my daughter. We talked about what she should have done (hindsight is always 20/20, eh?) and what she should do if this should happen again. No. It won’t happen again. I’m sorry to say that this wasn’t the first incident involving my daughter’s pan+ies being seen in public. It was an improvement, though, since the last time I heard about an incident involving undergarments at school, Halie was flashing students at recess.


DH and I accompanied Mom to Sam’s this morning, planning to pick up those groceries we run out of frequently. Mom is a business owner, and as a perk, she gets a special shopping time before the store opens to the public each Saturday. Less than five minutes in the store, I started to see why I’ve heard folks call it the ‘200 dollar store’. Not a large selection of items, but if you need a lot of one or two things – you came to the right place! We bought what our home is always low on: frozen fruits and veggies. We also purchased 4.5 pounds of Parmesan Cheese (we like it on everything). We also found some vitamins that we have a tough time finding (flax seed oil). We wandered through every aisle in that humongous store, following Mom, who shopped as well. DH pointed out the Professional Espresso Machine, before I pointed out the price on the shelf: $400. I picked up some undershirts for DH, but skipped the 5 gallon jars of pickles. Also, who needs Sharpies, in packages of 24 colors, in BULK? Not my household. I thought pooptastrophes were the worst, until I started thinking of the permanent marker being used on the canvas of our humble home and all of its contents. I silently pray that no parent purchases those.

My own mother once repeated something she heard my grandmother say: ” I look forward to having enough money to afford the ‘Economy Size’.”

Well said, Grandma!

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