The girl who cried wolf…

I got a call yesterday letting me know that my first grader(Princess) was in the nurse’s office at her school. The nurse called to tell me that she wanted me to come and pick my daughter up immediately. I quickly explained to my guests what the phone call was about, got them out the door, then packed up my two year old, and sped like Batman drove the speed limit to the elementary school. When I entered the door to the nurses office, the woman who greeted me was wearing a surgeon’s mask! I learned from the nurse that my Princess had reported to her teacher that she had been leaking diarrhea when she coughed. My daughter was then sent to the school nurse who had just been through a tough bout with stomach flu herself, and didn’t want to risk catching it again. That explains the mask. Luckily, I brought a change of underwear and pants for Princess to change into. We stepped into the bathroom and my daughter began to undress. I noticed that she had no stains on her clothing OR her underwear. I asked her why that was, considering the story she’d given to her teacher and the school nurse. Princess just hung her head. I asked her to get redressed while I stepped out and explained to the nurse. The nurse pulled off the mask and breathed a sigh of relief. I told her to that I would like to walk my daughter back to class. I spoke to the teacher who told me that Princess was having a rough day so far. I explained to my daughter that pretending to be sick to get out of class is a lot like the boy who cried ‘wolf’. When she really is hurt or sick and needs help, adults may not believe her. I don’t know of my words impacted my seven year old, but let’s hope so!



  1. Valerie said,

    February 8, 2006 at 9:46 am

    good for you mom! I would have done the ssame thing only most likely not as well. It is an important lesson for the princess to learn.

  2. Tee said,

    February 8, 2006 at 10:48 am

    Good job handling it. What an elaborate (and gross!) thing to make up though. What happend to the good old, “My tummy hurts” ?? ROFL.

    My 7 year old also says he’s not feeling well to get out of things. He’ll say “Listen to my cough” and make a pathetic attempt to sound sick. Hee hee.

  3. deputyswife said,

    February 8, 2006 at 10:53 pm

    You handled that very well.

    On the other hand, very creative for a first grader to come up with the coughing AND diarrhea leaking out. Very creative. I hoped you nipped this in the bud. Even though I am very curious to see what she comes up with next.

  4. Jenn said,

    February 9, 2006 at 8:17 am

    You must have been relieved that she wasn’t sick. I used to fake sick to get out of school. One time I even went so far as to take a cup of water and dump it in the toilet while making barf noises. Worked like a charm. The next time she has a rough day, maybe the teacher can give her a break or have her walk some papers to the office. Even little kids get stressy.

  5. Theresa said,

    February 9, 2006 at 8:54 am

    I think she’ll learn her lesson…

  6. Zephra said,

    February 9, 2006 at 8:57 am

    Damn that kid is smart…

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