They’re like Raptors, testing the fences for weaknesses!

I must say that I am payin’ for my raisin’ with three daughters that mimic my own childhood attitudes. With my oldest two daughters, it’s like having a front row seat to observe my mother’s life circa 1980. Princess exhibits determination and passion with each ‘discussion’ that we have. (Don’t know where she gets THAT.) Sweet Pea has labeled herself an ‘Oscar-winning actor’, spouting tears on cue. She’s a generally well-behaved, dramatic five year old. I’m hoping that when Sweet Pea wins her first Oscar, she remembers to thank her parents.
DH and I have been trying a new approach to discipline, and Princess has snapped right into line (even on vacation!), while Sweet Pea has been pushing the limits. What about the baby? Stinker? No, I didn’t forget to include her. Oh, but she’s still a baby. She’s just 2, no rules apply to her. Um, why are you looking at me like that? Yes, I know she’ll grow up eventually. No, I’m not spoiling her. Well, you are entitled to your opinion. I’ve been calling her Stinker so much lately that Princess and Sweet Pea have started referring to her by that nickname as well. I’ve got to come up with something that suits her personality. How about ‘Firecracker’?
Meanwhile, back on the Ranch: DH and I figure that between his Irish-Cherokee heritage, and my Irish-Italian heritage, our daughters got a double-dose of determination, temper, passion, plus enough freckles for every American to have a few sprinkled across their nose.

Speaking of dealing with your own children in moments of frustration, one mommy blogger friend of mine has asked for any advice you might have on dealing with a three year old. Please stop by and let her know that you’ve felt her frustration, and how it does pass with time.


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  1. Tee said,

    January 4, 2006 at 1:06 pm

    LOL – I love the title of this post. I got such a great visual! Children with tiny clawlike hands extended in a little T-rex pose – sticking their fingers through the chainlink, giving it a fierce little shake and looking around to find the best way through while the parents huddle on the other side crying. ROFL.

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