Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Erin

1. When invited to a pool party, I decline.2. I say, “I’m sorry, but my bathing suit has a hole in the knee.3. I won’t even try on bathing suits until post-recovery from plastic surgery.4. I recently switched from coffee to tea.5. I miss the rush of caffeine. I don’t miss the migraines.6. I started Atkins (again) three weeks ago and I’ve lost 13 pounds!7. I’ve gone on and off Atkins for about four years.8. I’m still down more than 50 pounds.9. I don’t like exercise, but I’m okay with controlling my calories.10. I shop religiously at Walmart.11. I cannot go a full week without buying groceries.12. I’m lucky if I can stretch it to three days between visits.13. I have not had great experiences with the Photo Studio.

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