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Our first Christmas as a married couple was after three years of dating. We had spent previous holidays with our respective families, but had no decoration of our own. Well, almost no decorations. I had a small santa wearing only a stocking hat and boxers, I cannot remember why. Both in college and supporting ourselves, we were ‘rolling pennies for gas’ broke at the time, so we pretty much had to decorate with what we owned. DH had two tiny, comic-book-character vinyl stockings that came with suction cups to hang from glass. He had ‘won’ them from a crane machine earlier in the season. They looked so sad dangling from our stereo cabinet, Felix the Cat on one, and The Tick on the other. So, I went to Hobby Lobby (like a cheap Michael’s in W. Texas) and bought our first snowman. The snowman was about $5, more than I had planned to spend. Made of canvas and felt, he holds a raffia broom, wears a stocking cap and has a weighted, flat base. Each year, he’s the first to come out of the box and the first one placed on display. He began our snowman collection all those years ago. He now stands to the far left on our mantle.


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  1. Zephra said,

    December 8, 2005 at 8:22 am

    Being that poor was not very fun back then, but now it is (for me anyway) a badge of honor and I have many of those little memories like your snowman.

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