Fall Fest for DYD

As a team, we gathered last night to honor the volunteers that make up most of our DYD team. Two members on our team have a catering business (read: I offered to mention them by name, but there is no need for more business at this point), and opened their home and their kitchen for our Fall Fest. The meal was spectacular: Crudite & cheese as appetizers, Pork Loin, Brie and Raspberry Tarts, mini Quiches, Pumpkin Soup, and dinner rolls, and for dessert: the Much-Adored Chocolate Fountain, along with all the treats to dip in the chocolate. I’ve posted a snapshot of the delectable chocolate treat just to give you a clear picture. This year, there was a white chocolate fountain in addition to the regular chocolate one. I’ve also posted a team photo, where I am seated in the bottom left corner. Whole Lotta Woman with Bright Red Hair – can’t miss me.

Our DYD Holiday party last year was one that I (and many others in attendance) will not forget. When DH saw the chocolate fountain for the first time, he was mesmerized. Soon, he was asking for a cup to hold under the running chocolate. Later in the evening, the team was playing the Greedy Grab Gift exchange, and when my husband’s turn came around, no one could find him. After glancing from room to room inside the house, DH suddenly appeared at the front of the room, mouth smudged with milk chocolate. He blurted out, “That might be a great game you’re playing, but did you know

DH served as babysitter for me last night, and thus missed out on the great game of Greedy Grab Gift Exchange, as well as the splendid, catered dinner, and of course, the Chocolate Fountain. As I was preparing to leave, DH handed me a Tupperware container, saying,”This says it holds 2.1 cups. I want 2.1 cups of chocolate, not just 2 cups. Oh, and would you grab me some of the pretzels and marshmallows to dip in it?” So, I went to the party with a 2.1 cups container and a quart-size baggie in my hand. Our team members/hosts made sure that I did not forget to gather goodies for my DH, both chocolate and a heaping plate of our dinner. I cannot remember the last time my DH was so grateful. Gotta do this more often!


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