Castle Update

I promised an update on our new Castle Behavior Chart, more than two weeks ago when we started it. The girls moved up and down the ‘stones’ on each path, asking to make their beds several times a day in an effort to move up one stone each time. Yesterday, Catie finally got to the drawbridge, or door, of The Castle. This morning was Halie’s moment of glory. They got to choose where/what/who the chosen activity involved. Over lunch today, DH and I explained that each girl could choose to include all of us, or only one (adult supervision is required). Halie and Catie decided that they wanted to put their money together and buy an Easy Bake Oven. Catie referred to it as a ‘foodmaker’, saying, “We could use a foodmaker to fix food that we actually like!” As we continued to eat the soup that I had prepared, I was not insulted about my cooking. I had merely warmed up a can of Progresso Chicken and Wild Rice soup!

So I logged on and found that the oven is only considered safe for children 8 and up. AWWW!! Rats! Halie and Catie can’t have one (please read my sarcastic inflection). I didn’t have one growing up and somehow, I managed to survive. So DH and I took the whole famn damily to Big Lots to choose toys that are in our price range. Halie and Catie both chose princesses – I know. BIG SHOCK! I thought I might have a heart attack from NOT SURPRISE!


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