I need a fix…BAD

Halloween Candy stash dwindling. Daughters will be suspicious if more of the already sparse supply disappears. I need a fix. Just a mini Milky-Way, Hershey bar, Snickers, a Tootsie Roll would do… At this point you could hand me dirt and tell me that it was crushed chocolate Oreos – and I’d eat it, tasting Oreos the entire time! I am so addicted to Sugar. ‘Holiday Season’ for us is from Halloween to Valentine’s Day. It starts at Halloween each year, and I’m wondering why do I do this to myself? Why do I do it to my kids? Each year, they know that their buckets will be raided for chocolate as they sleep in a happy sugar coma on Halloween Night. DH and I plunder the plastic jack-o-lanterns, munch without ceasing, disregard caloric intake and nutritional value. I wish that eating candy made me so ill, just once, that I’d never be tempted again. Much like I regard Jose Cuervo Tequila. There’s a T-shirt that I’m certain was designed in my honor: One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, Floor. All it took was one night for me and Jose – my twenty-first birthday. I don’t remember past the second shot, but I’m glad that I stayed home with DH. Just once I’d like to have a Sugar Blackout, followed by a Sugar Hangover the next morning. Like the Tequila, I need a horrid sugar experience to change my attitude about it.


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