Already a Star

Aidan has three Grandmas! Lucky boy.

My mother, Justin’s Mom holding Aidan, and my other Mom, Rainie(left to right)
As Justin says, Aidan’s already a Badass. I feel sorry for my nephew – if he ever does anything wrong, his father plans to show him the pictures of his surgical delivery in all their graphic splendor, then read Aidan the Riot Act. “I know you’re only three, but look at what your mother went through for you!” I’m so glad that Justin’s on our side.
Sweet Aidan might think that his early days were spent dodging the paparazzi, since his room was packed with adults wielding cameras. My entire family converged on the Maternity Ward at the same time, and managed to squeeze into my sister’s room without using Vaseline or a shoe horn. I got to visit with nurses who helped me with Rosie when I delivered her in a similar fashion back in 2003.
I’m so proud of my sister for being both educated and prepared for Aidan’s birth. She seems to be comfortable with him, and knew exactly how to comfort him when he began to fuss after Daddy’s diaper change (mad props to Justin – you handled the poopies with skills) Kelly reports that Aidan’s latching on well, and eating to his well, which fills my Lactation Consultant heart with great pride. I’m just filled with pride for Kelly, Justin and Aidan anyhow.

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